Wednesday Mar 16, 2011

GlassFish 3.1 SOTD #15 - Enhancements in HK2 kernel Infrastructure

In this fifteenth post of the SOTD (Screencast Of The Day) series following the release of GlassFish 3.1, here is Jerome's Enhancements in HK2 kernel Infrastructure.

This 7-minute presentation Jerome provides a recap of HK2 features as well as what's new in GlassFish 3.1. The main work involved accommodating WebLogic Server requirements for adopting HK2.

This will for instance enable both products to share code more easily. The main new features discussed are startup services, service trackers and listener as well as JUnit integration.

This screencast is hosted on the GlassFish YouTube Channel.

Sunday Jan 16, 2011

Jabberwocky - Chuk's Jabber container for GlassFish


GlassFish now has Jabber container, courtesy of Chuk Munn Lee. In a two-part blog, Chuk describes his motivations and how you can get started with the software.

In part 1, Chuk discusses how building this as a first class citizen in GlassFish (as a container) simplifies writing Jabber components with the added benefit of using the application server lifecycle, management and monitoring "for free".

This work is based on igniterealtime's Tinder, a Java based XMPP library and part 2 of the series has all the details to get you started: how to install the container in GlassFish 3.0.1 (copy 2 files), how to install and configure an Openfire server, how to create and list xmpp configurations using GlassFish's asadmin to set subdomains and shared secret and finally, how to configure and deploy two .xar sample applications (with a standard "asadmin deploy" of course). You'll find the entire code on the Jabberwocky project.

You might recall another recently published GlassFish container: the Play Framework Container for GlassFish.
Writing GlassFish containers isn't hard!

Update: JAXenter has an interview with Chuk about Jabberwocky

Wednesday Jan 30, 2008

Getting up to Speed with HK2 - Part II

Sahoo's head shot

Sahoo has a Follow-Up Note to his Module Authoring with HK2. The note highlights module management class loading, component injection and instantiation cascading.

HK2 and v3 are beginning to be more solid and there should be a viable developer-usable build by JavaOne; but the deployment vehicle will remain v2 for quite a while.

Monday Jan 28, 2008

Getting up to speed with HK2

Sahoo's picture

Sahoo has Part I of a getting started with HK2 series available. HK2 ("Hundred Kilobyte Kernel" really) is a key technology for GlassFish v3, providing it a modules sub-system.

In this blog entry, Sahoo walks us through a Hello World application packaged with source code and Maven integration. It introduces the @Service annotation which is only scratching the surface of the technology but Sahoo promises more content soon!

Previous HK2 coverage were can be found here.

Thursday Jan 10, 2008

HK2 module authoring with NetBeans 6

K2 mountain

Rikard Thulin, an HK2 speaker at the last JavaZone conference, has a blog on how to develop HK2 modules with NetBeans 6.0. This short tutorial explains how to use and configure Maven in the IDE and provides full code source for the sample project described.

Getting started with @Service and @Contract just got easier.

Thursday Jan 03, 2008

New GlassFish Podcast episode on V3

GlassFish Podcast Image

A new episode for the GlassFish Podcast is available. This was recorded back on October but the content is still very much valid. The sound quality isn't perfect (still trying things out) but I think I've heard much worse quality...

In this episode, GlassFish architect Jérôme Dochez gets into how GlassFish V3 is being built using the HK2 modules sub-system. He goes into what the nucleus is, the role of grizzly, how easy embedding GlassFish V3 will be but also into the challenges of building a Java EE 6 Application Server implementation on top of a micro-kernel.

You can read more about GlassFish V3.

Saturday Aug 25, 2007

Towards the First GFv3 Nucleus Build - Refining the Container SPI


Jerome is refining the v3 Container SPI as he gets closer to the first formal build of the GlassFish v3 nucleus. The nucleus will include the HK2 kernel but also enough other pieces to be useful as the basis to load GFv3 containers.

Check his email and the Update Wiki page.

Monday Jul 30, 2007

Changes to Component Configuration in HK2

Handy Smurf

Kohsuke changed the way HK2 loads configuration information. The new mechanism loads the XML file into a mini-DOM and uses the meta-data generated by the HK2 Plugin for error detection and to register per-component data for later use without forcing premature instantiations.

More details at Kohsuke's blog. GlassFish v3 will be fun!

Thursday Jul 26, 2007

HK2 Reports -- in Swedish... and Korean...

K2 NorthRidge - Photo by Ald Burgess

Two reports on HK2 adoption from opposite sides of the world. From Sweden we have a step-by-step tutorial on how to write an HK2 module... or so it claims, my swedish is non-existent.

And from the Korea our good old friend ias writes about GlassFish v3. Now, my korean is worse than my swedish, but in separate email Ias indicated he was writing a book on jRuby and Rails and was using GF v2 and v3.

Overall, the buzz about GF v3 is moving along nicely despite the summer break. We are planning a substantial acceleration after GFv2 FCS.

Photo of K2 is by Ald Burgess, at

Monday Jul 16, 2007

GlassFish v3 Progress Report

GlassFish v3 is making steady progress, despite this being the summer and a number of folks being on vacation.


We are trying to have a progress report every week or two; check the ones from Jerome and Jean-Francois. We are also starting to see some (brave) users (IAS using jRuby and Phobos); that thread ended with a discussion on the limitations of SSL under Grizzly, and I noticed that Oleksiy just wrote about SSL in Grizzly.

Last report comes from Kohsuke who talks Development Experience when writing a module for HK2.

Monday May 14, 2007

Mailing Lists for GF v3 and HK2 - What goes Where...

Photo of K2

There was a lot of interest for GlassFish V3 and HK2 at last week's JavaOne. The two technologies are related but since it is possible to use HK2 outside of GlassFish v3 we have gave it its own project and Mailing Lists.

So, if you have discussions about what you like or not about V3, go to the DEV@GF or USERS@GF mailing lists, while the DEV@HK2 alias is specific to the component and modular subsystems in HK2.

Note: the home page for HK2 currently claims there are no mailing lists; ignore it and go here

Note-2: somebody pointed out that HK2 had no clear license. The license should be the same as GFv3: GPLv2 and CDDL; if it is missing it was an oversight and we will fix it asap.

Monday May 07, 2007

GlassFish v3 Technology Preview - Now Available

Photo of K2

Jerome presented GlassFish v3 yesterday at GlassFish Day. It was the last session of the day and it was very hard core and, yet, the room was 3/4th full and the guy in front of me started clapping a couple of times. I have not seen many blogs about the session (yet?) but Leroy K liked it too.

All good signs for the next generation GlassFish, and you can join in too. The first GF v3 TP is Now Available. Check the Wiki page which includes Build and Development Instructions and Samples.

I just checked and I see that HK2 has not included the new GF Project Look; I'll remind Jerome or Kohsuke. Also see our Earlier Spotlight.

Thanks to Tim for the links!

Added - I forgot to point out that Jerome et al are doing two presentations on GF v3 at JavaOne this week. There is a BOF this (Tuesday) evening at 9pm (BOF-6678) in Esplanade 301 and then the TS is Thursday afternoon at 2:50 (TS-6503) Espanade 307-310. I believe the BOF is sold out.

Wednesday May 02, 2007

The Hundred Kb Kernel - HK2, the core of GlassFish v3

Photo of K2

More announcements in preparation for GlassFish Day and JavaOne: Jerome has released the code for the modular core of GlassFish v3. He chose the name HK2 for Hundred Kb Kernel and it indeed is under 100KB (80 Kb - and it starts in less than a second). HK2 couples a Modules Subsytem with a Components Model.

Read about HK2 at Jerome's Blog, directly at the HK2 Web site, or watch the Screencast.

Or, even better, go to GlassFish Day at the Moscone and watch Jerome present at his session or in a demo station. GlassFish Day is part of CommunityOne and is free but you need to Register to attend.

Sunday Apr 15, 2007

GlassFish Day Session #4 - Visit the Future...

Visit Session #4 of GlassFish Day and Travel to the Future to the future... The session will cover at least these two topics:

Time Tunnel

•  Jerome will present the plans for GlassFish v3, a server-side Java container that scales from small devices to enterprise deployments, loads services on demand, uses classloaders to isolate class dependencies, starts very fast and has low resource comsumption. Status update and demo will be included.

•  Trey will show and demo the latest news on OpenID support in OpenSSO and OpenDS.

I believe that compressed versions of the demos shown in this session may also show in some of the keynotes at JavaOne. A big difference is that at GlassFish Day you will have the opportunity to grill/question the presenters in a much smaller setting :-)

GlasssFish Day is part of CommunityOne; events include keynotes by Jonathan and Rich as well as multiple tracks, multiple demo stations, free lunch and goodies, and complimentary access to some JavaOne events next day. Attendance is free but limited and you need to register.