Friday Aug 30, 2013

JPA vs. Hibernate?

Whether to use standard vs. non-standard APIs is always a constructive ongoing tug-of-war (well, most of the time anyway). It seems that the tug-of-war is particularly fierce when it comes to anything open source. That's quite unfortunate as open source and open standards should be ideological brothers-in-arms - but then we all know feuds tend to be the worst amongst blood relatives :-). One facet of this debate that seems pervasive and persistent is whether to use Hibernate's legacy non-standard APIs or standard JPA.

Key Hibernate developer Emmanuel Bernard of Red Hat offers his insights on the matter on an audio interview with TSS (TheServerSide) chief editor Cameron McKenzie (spoiler: it's not an either/or proposition :-)). If the past few years is any indicator, this won't settle the war of words, but at least it might be a good bit of input for those interested....


Tuesday Apr 14, 2009

Creating IPS Packages - Part II: Hibernate Sample


Alexis has published his second article in a series ([1]) on creating IPS packages for GlassFish v3, this time explaining how to create the Hibernate package.

The latest post gives detailed instructions on the process needed, including setup, key files and directories, Authoring the Hibernate IPS package example and Publishing and testing. More entries to follow; our goal is to make it very easy for you to publish your favorite packages to the community repository so that hundreds of thousands of people can use them.

Also see other entries tagged as IPS and UpdateCenter

Monday Mar 02, 2009

Hibernate JPA on GlassFish - One Click Away via your Update Tool


GlassFish v3 uses EclipseLink as the default JPA provider but it supports Hibernate equally well, and, thanks to the benefits of IPS and the UpdateCenter, that's just a click away: just fire the updatetool and clicking on the package.

For more details - but just a few more, there is really not much to tell - check on Mitesh's writeup.

Wednesday Jan 07, 2009

Clarity Accounting provides Online Accounting with GlassFish, Hibernate, GWT and 3Tera

Our 36th Adoption Story comes from Vancouver thanks to Arun:


Clarity Accounting provides an SAAS online accounting service using GlassFish Server. The implementation uses multiple OSS components including Hibernate, PostreSQL and GWT and the service is deployed on 3Tera AppLogic Grid (3Tera is a GlassFish Technology Partner).

See Questionnaire for full details. Clarity Accounting went live in September 2008 and their site looks like a well-cared small business; it was created by one person over 12 months (6 part-time) - I love to see the way we are enabling these small business to appear. See Questionnaire for full details.

For more adoption stories, check our Informal Stories. We are always looking for stories showcasing production use as these are critical to the growth of our community. If you are a happy user please consider sharing your story by sending us mail to stories at sun dot com.

Thursday Oct 30, 2008

... Hibernate on GlassFish, Merb RC3, Grizzly and NIO2, Embedded GlassFish, The Beatles

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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GlassFish includes EclipseLink as its default JPA implementation but works equally well with Hibernate. There are many users of Hibernate, so the question pops up regularly; Alexis provides an Update on the solution, and we are working on making this even easier to our users.

Merb is gaining traction and we are trying to be friendly to all frameworks; see the Merb RC3 Announcement that explicitly refers to improved GlassFish/JRuby support.

The future plans for Grizzly include NIO2 support (see Webinar on the topic); JFA has started a series of blog notes talking about Tricks and Tips with NIO2.

Earlier this year, during JavaOne, Kohsuke showed how to Embedded GlassFish v3. Byron is not now leading the effort and we recently started having Promoted Builds for the embedded binary. Check out Nazrul report on Support for Scattered WARs, plus the additional links.

Finally, it seems that The Beatles will come to RockBand. The details are stil unfolding but this would be the first time that The Beatles show in a digital franchise. I think this highlights the role that players like RockBand have to distribute IP, in a medium that is richer than the old mp3 player - and also harder to pirate. It is also a reminder of the value of distribution channels (in this case the RockBand store).

Tuesday May 13, 2008

Hibernate and JSF on GlassFish Using NetBeans 6.1


New tutorial from Dongmei and Ken on how to use the latest NetBeans 6.1 to create a Web App using JSF and Hibernate on GlassFish.

Tutorial is here; thanks to James for the tip.

Note The tutorial uses GF v2; I suspect it would run on v3 also, but if somebody tries it, please let me know.

Sunday Mar 16, 2008

Guice and Hibernate with GlassFish, MySQL and NetBeans

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More GlassFish blogging from Munich. This time Siegfried has written a two parter on how to use Guice (the Resource Injection framework Google developed for AdWords) and Hibernate. part I introduces a simple Hibernate Application using GlassFish and MySQL, while part II transforms it to use Guice.

Full sources are included. NetBeans project information is also included.

Guice recently won a Jolt Award; see the Finalists. Direct download is here. A typical first question when encountering Guice is how it compares to Spring, here are two answers: @GoogleCode and @JavaLobby.

Also check out Sigfried's earlier post on GlassFish and Quercus. Looking forward to more!

Monday Dec 10, 2007

Poll on JPA Provider - Which do YOU use?

Current Snapshot of resuts

Alexis is running a poll on What JPA Provider you are using. If you are so inclined, point your browser to his blog entry - the poll is on the Right-Hand Side margin - and cast your vote.

Self-selecting polls have many methodology problems - I always think about Lies, Dammned Lies and Statistics when I see them, but they are still interested.

Right now, with over 70 votes, TopLink has 32% and Hibernate has 58%. OpenJPA has 4% and others is 5%. Let's see what type of impact the wider announcement has on the result.

Update - As of 12:47 pm PT, Dec 12th, with 186 votes we have 54% Hibernate, 38% TopLink, 4% OpenJPA and 4% Others.

Wednesday Nov 21, 2007

Hibernate, Facelets and Maven on GlassFish, through NetBeans

Hibernate Logo

Wouter continues showing how to use Maven and GlassFish, this time he shows how to Combining Hibernate and Facelets with Maven, Netbeans and GlassFish.

Also check these earlier posts by Wouter on GlassFish: Building and Deploying GF Apps using Maven and Invoking EJBs in GF from Tomcat.

Sunday Oct 14, 2007

How to use Hibernate with GlassFish

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Two tips on using Hibernate with GlassFish v2:
• From Max: Hibernate with NB and GF (also see Related Tutorials).
• From Eskatos, see his Quick and Dirty HowTo (also see Alexis' Commentary)

Sunday Aug 12, 2007

Tutorials on how to use GlassFish with ehCache and JPA, Hibernate and TopLink Essentials

Hong Kong from Victoria's Peak

Max has been doing an interesting series of tutorials using GlassFish, NetBeans and JPA, the Java Persistence API (@Sun, @JCP, FAQ).

The original tutorial covered how to Use Hibernate as JPA Provider and the next showed how to use Additional Hibernate Features. The new series explores JSF and ehCache and revisits Hibernate and TopLinkEssentials: [1], [2], [3] and [4].

Monday Sep 11, 2006

Portability of Java EE 5 Applications

House moved over a bridge

Adam argues that Java EE 5 applications are More Portable than in earlier (lesser!) releases. Part of this is the natural progression in the specs. Part of this is the Plugability of the JavaPersistence API implementations: in his case he is switching back and forth between Hibernate/JBoss and TopLinkEssentials/GlassFish.

Check here for other Java Persistence entries, and, if you are interested in portability of your apps, you may want to read about the AVK (see [1] and [2]).

Thursday May 04, 2006

Plugging JPA in and Hibernate Out...

Duke Waving

We are seing a very fast transition to the new Java Persistence API. The containers are almost all there, starting with the JPA Reference Implementation in GlassFish, which is Almost Final and available with GlassFish and as a Separate Bundle. See Marina's Blog for directions on how to use it, and also Other TA entries.

Other groups are moving very fast too. Hibernate supports JPA ([1], [2], [3]), and BEA's Kodo is also in good shape. The Apache community is also moving in that direction; they seem to be lagging a bit but I expect them to move quickly soon (Cayenne, Open JPA).

The extra, and important, benefit of JPA is that it is possible to Mix and Match. We have already started testing the GF RI with other containers, and other JPA implementations with GlassFish.

All this creates an ideal situation for the customers, and I expect a move towards replacing the Hibernate-specific dependencies with standard-based, JPA, dependencies, as described in Spring and JPA or in Roller and Hibernate. And new applications, like NetBeans and CRUD, are all written against JPA. Interesting times ahead!

Sunday Jan 29, 2006

Using Hibernate and Spring with GlassFish


Just a few days ago Matt Raible said that GlassFish isn't as good as Geronimo or JBoss because it didn't support Spring or Hibernate. That was a challenge for Jerome and in his latest blog he gives detailed instructions on how to run Spring on GlassFish, and also dwells into Hibernate.

Inspired by Jerome, Mr. Vince then dug into the details for the special case of Equinox and GlassFish.

There has been some discussions on the forum about this too along with Sahoo's blog as to when Hibernate and GlassFish work together. Both Ludo and I have blogged that Hibernate works SJSAS 8.1, the code base from which GlassFish started. Currently, Jerome is working with Emanuel Bernard to get EJB 3.0 features working with GlassFish. Bottom line, it can be done but it's not easy, yet. The EJB 3.0 specification and therefore the implementations are still changing so there will be some bumps and challenges until the spec settles down.