Thursday Apr 30, 2009

Mercurial Micro-News - GlassFish/Corba, Kenai and


GlassFish is taking a Detour Through SVN but since the plan is still to go to Mercurial I keep an eye on adoption news and noticed these two from BSC: OOo's Pilot Program and Ken's note on Corba and Kenai.

From a quick visit to the Mercurial site some more news:

SourceForge Support
Python Switching to Hg,
GSoC Projects
• Google Code Supports Hg.

Most modern projects at Sun are going to Mercurial, including OpenSolaris and OpenJDK; two that switched to Bazaar are Drizzle and MySQL. And Kenai Supports GIT, SVN and Mercurial (need to check if they plan to support Bazaar).

Added - Other related projects on Mercurial include NetBeans and JavaMail.

Tuesday Jan 15, 2008

Welcome to Paul Sterk - New GlassFish Community Manager

Head Shot of Paul Sterk

Paul has a new role: Community Manager for the GlassFish Community. The role initially was held by Jim, Amy and Carla, then by Shreedhar and then by Jamey in an interim basis but for quite a while we have been making-do with a number of us pooling our "spare" time. Paul will be working on this pretty much full-time, which is sorely needed.

Check out Paul's introduction, and you might as well check out his latest update on the Conversion of GFv3 to Hg.

Saturday Oct 20, 2007

GlassFish CORBA Moving to Mercurial

Hg in the Periodic Table

The plan is for the main GlassFish projects to move to Mercurial (see related entries). Recently, Jerome explained that the core project was taking a detour through SVN, but in the case of the GlassFish-CORBA project Ken reports they are transitioning directly from TeamWare (like OpenSolaris).

Monday Oct 15, 2007

The Road to Hg... Goes Through SVN! GlassFish SCM Plans

Old Photo of Col de Braus

We are taking a detour through SVN on the way from CVS to Hg. It is a combination of (lack of) maturity of the conversion tools from CVS to Hg, plus window of opportunity closing on us, plus constraints in some of our available infrastructure. This is a temporary detour but will let us continue with the modularization work needed for GlassFish v3.

Check details in Jerome's Road to Hg writeup. Also see older TA posts.

I think those hairpins match this hybrid view from Google Maps. Also see Ask Results for more images.

Friday Aug 31, 2007

GlassFish v3 Mercurial Source Repository

Mercurial Logo

More research by Kohsuke on using Mercurial in GlassFish v3. Last week he reported on how to Move Changes across repositories; now he reports on a GFv3 temporary repository at hg.glassfish.dyndns.ORG.

Check Kohsuke's write-up; it includes instructions to create a clone of the GFv3 repository and build it using the GFv3 Instructions.

Paul Sterk is doing additional work on Hg and GF and we will keep you posted on progress. Earlier TA entries on Hg are available here.

Monday Aug 13, 2007

jRuby on GlassFish v3


Summer is almost over :-( and the different projects are showing renewed activity, and that includes GlassFish v3. Arun has been doing a number of screencasts around Ruby recently and the latest one shows How to Run jRuby on V3.

Other GFv3-related activity already announced includes working on the Separate JSP Project and Hg Plugin for Hudson. Stay tuned for more; things should start picking up in speed after we get GlassFish v2 out. That is still scheduled for mid-next month.

Monday Sep 18, 2006

Running Mercurial on GlassFish

Liquid-looking Hg

Here are instructions, from Martin, on how to Run Mercurial on GlassFish. For more information on Mercurial, check: Wiki home page, Features, Quick Start, and Map of CVS Concepts. Also see our earlier blog and Neuron's blog.