Wednesday Sep 22, 2010

News Recap from JavaOne and Oracle Open World

Here are (some? most? of) the key news and announcements from JavaOne and OOW related to our community.

The combination of Oracle Open World with JavaOne means a very large number of announcement; sounds strange to say this, but, by comparison, tracking announcements in the old JavaOne was easy!

I'll keep updating this post through the next couple of days, fleshing out the sections and adding links.  If you see content that you think needs to be here, let us know via comments and I'll incorporate them. Apologies that some key sections are very thin;


Java SE
Roadmap solidified
It’s time for … Plan B (Mark Reinhold)
Project Coin at JavaOne 2010 (Joe Darcy)
• Roadmap: PR, jdk7/features.

Java ME and Embedded
Modernize Language and Platform
• Technical Keynote

Java EE
Strong JavaEE 6 Adoption; beginning of new cycle
More references to GlassFish in J1 keynote than last year!
• GlassFish Roadmap
• Weblogic using HK2 (see Jeff Trent's putbacks)

Java Client
New Roadmap, New JavaFX 2.0 Plan
JavaFX 2.0 (Richard Bair)
Oracle to Discontinue JavaFX Script; Will Use Java API (DZone)
A Heartfelt Ramble on Swing & JavaFX (Amy)

Java Development IDE
• "Java Development IDE of Choice" (TK's keynote)
• "20% growth in last year" (TK's keynote)
Roadmap through NB 7.1

Other News

• Hudson Everywhere
   Meetup, liveblog for Kohsuke and John Smart


System News

• Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud - Home Page
   Press Release, Interview w/ AdamM, White Paper.
• Oracle Exadata Database Machine X2-8 - Home Page
   Press Release, White Paper.
• SPARC T3 Launch - Home Page
   PR, World Records, more from BestPerf, Vijay and  Joerg.
• Storage Systems
   PR, Update, more from Joerg
• Sun Ray 3 Launch - New Arrivals
• Solaris Next Gen - PR
• Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel for Oracle Linux - PR

More Software News

Grid Engine Update
Oracle Communications Calendar Server(s) - Which One For You?
Oracle Announces Oracle CRM On Demand Release 18

Other News

H.P. Settles Lawsuit Against Hurd
NetApp and Oracle Agree to Dismiss Lawsuits    (two weeks old news, but seems apropos)

Pictures and Comments

• Pictures from Alexis, Tyler...
• Arun's Pics: [1], [2], [3]

Monday Jan 28, 2008

BlackBox is Shipping!

Remember Blackbox, the "Data Center in a Shipping Container"? It is now shipping!

The official name is Sun Modular Datacenter S20. Read from some Customers or see its World Tour.

Monday Jul 16, 2007

NOTD - ReThinking The Box - First BlackBox Delivered

Blackbox on a Crane

I can't resist... I am a fan of the "rethink the box" attitude of Project Blackbox and they just shipped to their first customer... Check the Press Article and the SlashDot coverage, and Pauls' writeup for details.

Or go look at the Time-lapsed movie of the installation. It starts at 6am, and the whole thing is done by 11:26am! Way to go!

Other recent "rethinkings" from the Sun hardware team include: Constellation (Blog, movie, press) and Thumper. The new Blade Chasis is pretty cool too, although arguably does not have the same Wow! factor.