Sunday Mar 16, 2008

Guice and Hibernate with GlassFish, MySQL and NetBeans

Drawing of Munich CityScape

More GlassFish blogging from Munich. This time Siegfried has written a two parter on how to use Guice (the Resource Injection framework Google developed for AdWords) and Hibernate. part I introduces a simple Hibernate Application using GlassFish and MySQL, while part II transforms it to use Guice.

Full sources are included. NetBeans project information is also included.

Guice recently won a Jolt Award; see the Finalists. Direct download is here. A typical first question when encountering Guice is how it compares to Spring, here are two answers: @GoogleCode and @JavaLobby.

Also check out Sigfried's earlier post on GlassFish and Quercus. Looking forward to more!