Thursday Mar 12, 2009

Changes to Java.Net Maven2 Repository


If you publish bits to the Java.Net Maven2 repository, you should check out Kohsuke's writeup from a couple of days ago. No changes if you only download the bits and have been using the recommended path.

The reason for the change was just operational, we were running against the limits of the previous setup; one of the disadvantages of our continuous growth. Thanks to Kohsuke for handling the fire-drill.

Thursday Nov 13, 2008

GlassFish Jobs Growth - From


I periodically check on the number of job postings for GlassFish at The number is still quite small but it continues to grow very well (trend). But today I decided to check the relative (% of job market) growth, and that is even better; and, then to compare it with the usual suspects, and that is extra better (live, archived).

The growth rate is very encouraging, specially as it is mirrored by internal metrics, like new customers (sorry, can't share), and external, like Google trends (live, archived). I think the message of Excellent Price-Performance is working.