Wednesday Sep 24, 2008

... Facelets in JSF 1.2, Brazil, Passwords in OpenDS, Corba and Grizzly, Using SocialSite, and gPhone

A compilation of today's news of interest (with some lag, as we rush towards GFv3 Prelude):

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Kanthi at OpenDS explains the importance of Password Management in an LDAP server like OpenDS and points to a longer, more technical, description check out the corresponding Page at the OpenDS Wiki

Kohsuke just came back from his 5-city, 7-talk Tour du Brasil. It surely looks like he had a lot of fun there, and reached out to many people. And Arun just arrived there! His first report is from the JUG in Brasilia, but he will stay there through next week, including the first Sun TechDay in Sao Paolo (check out the Schedule).

Facelets is in JSF 2.0 - check out Chapter 10 in the EDR2 - but Arun has a detailed description of How to Use Facelets with JSF 1.2..

Ken (from Corba) is working with the Grizzly folks to try to incorporate the improved ByteBuffer management mechanism. Check out Ken's writeup, and, if you have questions, you can bring them in tomorrow's Webinar on Grizzly/Grizzly2.

From the SocialSite group, first a How to Social Enable screencast, and here is a note on The Shinding Java Internals.

And, finally, the tech news of the yesterday was the long-awaited release of android, the Google Phone. Sampling just few sources: LA Times on G1 vs iPhone, Hands-on video and Comparison Table. And the Google-Phone Blog.

Monday Sep 22, 2008

Webinar: Grizzly and Grizzly2, with JeanFrancois Arcand and Alexey Stashok


JeanFrancois Arcand and Alexey Stashok, past and current leads for Grizzly will give a presentation on Grizzly and Grizzly2 Thursday morning - 11am PT, Sept 25th, 2008. You can join us via a concall (free if in the US, caller-paid overseas) or online via TheAquarium @ uStream.TV.

For more details check out the OverviewOfGrizzlyAndGrizzly2 page at the TheAquarium wiki. The plan (with the usual comment about mice and men) is to record the presentation.

Sunday Sep 21, 2008

... Ajax and NB, Mural and MDM, RESTful Comet, GF with Hibernate and MySQL, OpenSource Contributors, Grizzlies, Fast JavaScript and more iPhone Rejections

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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The NetBeans folks have a new Introductory Tutorial to Ajax, now updated to the forthcoming NetBeans 6.5.

Srenga points that the DataMashup Service Engine from Mural is Part of GlassFish ESB and also points to Manish's Tutorial on building a Server-Side Data Mashup.

From Carol a Screencast on RESTful Comet, based on her previous posts.

From Peter Mularien a look at Who is Contributing to SpringSource? using FishEye on SpringFrameworks Core. BTW, if you do the same with GlassFish (core) you will find mostly Sun folks; the bulk of the non-Sun contribution is in the smaller, reusable components, like grizzly, which makes sense as that's where people want their specific features in.

From apaspai a description of how to configure GlassFish with Hibernate and MySQL (in Spanish, sorry, I couldn't resist).

From Montana Grizzlies are Rebounding from Extinction (there were already very healthy On the Web, in Canada, and, more recently, also in Prague!). And, from the WebKit folks, reports of substantial improvements on JavaScript interpretation using SquirrelFish Extreme.

And Apple does it Again, this time with Mail, and it Gets Slashdotted.

Thursday Sep 18, 2008

... JavaZone News, Building GF, Full Duplex, Free Hosting, S2 and JBoss and BlackBox XD,

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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Alexis reports from JavaZone about his presentation on Scripting in GlassFish v3 and reports it was Standing Room Only! JavaZone seems a Nice Conference; maybe Alexis will have some pics to post?.

Also from Alexis, a quick recipe for Building GFv2 from Source, in response to some questions in the mailing lists. Be sure to check the comments for clarifications on testing configurations.

John recently became a committer into Grizzly. He already contributed a tutorial on Writing a Protocol using Grizzly and now has mutated that into an implementation of HTTP Chunked Transfer Coding - see his writeup on Full Duplex communication.

Alex de Marco followed on the free hosting offer from OStatic and already qualified and seems very happy... and, to, give back, he provides a Quick Start Guide on his virtualized container.

Release Noises Galore: SpringSource is getting ready their Apache Tomcat-based server, now under the new name ofdm Server RC2... and JBoss now has a Java EE 5-Certified JBoss 5 RC2. I guess I could have filed this under the battle of the RC2s! S2 promises a final release in 2 weeks, JBoss in around 6 - we will see...

And on the big-toys front, a new version of BlackBox, the MD D20. I initially thought it would be using a longer container but it is still a 20 footer, just with different internal layout - clearly customer-driven. See the Technical Specs and the overview from On The Record.

POSTPONED Webinar: Comet Support in GlassFish, with JeanFrancois Arcand


We had to CANCEL today's Webinar on Comet Support in GlassFish with JeanFrancois Arcand.

Apologies for the late notice, we will reschedule as soon as feasible as this is a very popular topic.

Saturday Sep 13, 2008

Webinar: Comet Support in GlassFish, with JeanFrancois Arcand


JeanFrancois Arcand (of Grizzly fame) will give a presentation on Comet Support in GlassFish Thursday morning - 11am PT, Sept 18th, 2008. You can join us via a concall (free if in the US, caller-paid overseas) or online via TheAquarium @ uStream.TV.

For more details check out the CometSupportInGlassFish page at the TheAquarium wiki. The plan (with the usual comment about mice and men) is to record the presentation.

Thursday Sep 04, 2008

Progress on Grizzly 2.0


Jean-Francois started Grizzly (Grizzly) back in June 2005 and it has been extremely successful. Then, in June of this year Alexey took over Grizzly 2.0 to incorporate lessons learned on architecture and usability and the team has just pushed the Grizzly 2.0 to the Maven Repository.

The Project Roadmap lists 1.8.2 as the latest release before switching to 2.0, but JFA indicates in his Companion Note that there will be a 1.9 that will include support for NIO2; I'll confirm. I'll also double check that the plan for is to include Grizzly 2.0.

Monday Sep 01, 2008

REST and Comet... on GlassFish Server


Carol had previously (in July) posted an example of a SlideShow Using Comet; now she and Rick have a refined and expanded version where they provide more details, including screenshots, and also have modified the implemetantation so they NetBeans for development, MySQL and JPA for data presistence, Grizzly for Comet support, Jersey (JAX-RS) for the REST end-points, and GlassFish Server for the App.

Looks very useful; check it out at RESTful Web Services and Comet. More information also at Comet, Jersey and Grizzly.

I'm biased, but I think it is really cool that examples like this can be ran in a totally open source stack, and you can also buy commercial support for it. We surely Are Not in Kansas Anymore!

Added - I am republishing this today since yesterday I had posted it into the past by mistake.

Thursday Jul 17, 2008

Graphing Growth - MarkMail and GlassFish-Related Mailing Lists

MarkMail has one of my favorite interfaces for navigating archived mail, so I am very happy to pass on Marla's Announcement that Java.Net projects are now browseable through MarkLogic.


MarkMail exploits the underlying MarkLogic Server to provide powerful navigational and browsing feature. A simple, but useful, example is shown in the graphs at the left:

• Shown at the left: GlassFish Server, Grizzly, OpenESB and Hudson.
• Also see Metro, Jersey and OpenMQ.
• And close Friends and Relatives: OpenDS and OpenSSO.

Do note that today is the 17th, so you roughly have to double the last column. It is going to be a very good month for most GlassFish projects!

Friday Jul 11, 2008

Slide Show Example using Comet, Dojo and Grizzly


Comet uses either Streaming or Long Polling to Push Events from the server to the client through a protocol like Bayeux.

Carol's A Comet Slideshow Example... shows, through instructions, screenshots and samples, how to do this using dojo on the client (JavaScript) and Grizzly on the Server on the GlassFish Server. Check it out!

Friday Jul 04, 2008

Tomcat or GlassFish - Comparisons at DZone and at JavaLobby


Some people know they want a full JavaEE 5 AppServer - and for those, the GlassFish Server is a better choice than Apache Tomcat, but, even if you only want a subset of these APIs, check out Alexis' Tomcat Today, GlassFish Tomorrow.

Also check out Wang Yu's Blocking and Non-Blocking IO article that, like Scott's More on the simple vs. the complex, shows the benefits of NIO as workload increases.

Monday Jun 30, 2008

Official GlassFish Documentation on Comet, Reverse Ajax, Ajax Push


You may or may not know that Comet, Reverse Ajax, and Ajax Push are all synonyms and define a way to notify clients from a server. Jean-François has written many fine Comet blog entries, but this GlassFish v3 documentation on Comet is a very well written intro to the Comet paradigm and how to use it inside GlassFish v3 based on the Hidden example.

You may also hear from Jean-François on Comet in a recent interview from this past JavaOne as well as read Ted Goddard's slide deck on IceFaces and Grizzly Comet from last week's GlassFish Day at Jazoon.

The documentation also discusses the pros and cons of HTTP Streaming vs. Long Polling and explains how to code both.

Saturday Jun 21, 2008

Bringing Comet to the Masses - Atmosphere


I was going to wait until late next week, but I see that JFA's interview at InfoQ is out and the website is visible so no reason to wait. JFA's "free time" left by Alexey's lead role on Grizzly 2.0 is going to be reinvested into a Atmosphere a new project in the GlassFish Community that will focus on Comet.

The project is just starting; the InfoQ article seems roughly accurate although some goal fine-tuning is still happening. I expect JFA will provide a more detailed description in a future blog entry.

Friday Jun 20, 2008

Grizzly 2.0 Started - Alexey and JFA


Alexey has taken over the lead development role for Grizzly 2.0 - with JFA's guideance - and he has started working on Grizzly 2.0. This arrangement will increase our investment in Grizzly while leaving some extra time for JFA to start a new related project (stay tuned).

Grizzly 2.0 will build on 1.x and is planned for the end of CY08 - to be included in a GF v3 release. Check out the Roadmap, Draft, Discussion and Alexey's Announcement.

I need to learn more about Russian nicknames, names, patronymics, etc (see Alexis)... although I should not complain, did you know that Paco and Pancho are Francisco or that Pepe is José? :-)

Thursday Jun 12, 2008

Grizzly 1.8 is Buzzword-Compliant: OSGi, GlassFish v3, GWT, Comet, iPhone....


Grizzly 1.8.0 is out and this one has a lot of new material, including GWT support, better OSGi Compliance, improved Comet Support, improved performance, SPI cleanup and many more (see JFA's note).

Grizzly 1.8.0 has already been pushed into the latest GFv3 builds. Also see the Release Thread and the complete ChangeLog.

Congrats to JFA, Oleksiy, and the rest of the team and community.