Wednesday Jan 23, 2008

More GreenFire from Adam

GreenFire dashboard

As expected, and in conjunction with the OOP 2008 Conference, Adam Bien has pushed GreenFire forward by releasing code and a presentation.

As a reminder, the GreenFire project manages, controls, and reports on Heating Systems. It uses GlassFish, Shoal, and Sun SPOTS. Adam explains that this Java EE 5 application "was developed on JBoss and ported to GlassFish afterwards in few minutes". The Front-end technology can be JavaFX, RSS, or JSF.

This all sounds like a wonderful application to support teaching of Java EE. More details on GreenFire here.

Saturday Dec 29, 2007

GreenFire - Reducing CO2 in Heating Systems

Green Fire Logo

Heating is a major source of CO2 Emissions in cold climate countries and efficient monitoring and control is key to its reduction. Adam has been running a JavaEE app to do this for the last couple of years and he has just opensourced most of the modules as Project Green Fire.

The current implementation already includes RSS Feeds and Adam promises to push out more content, including JavaFX clients as part of preparations for his OOP 2008 Session. Check out Adam Announcement for more details.