Tuesday Jul 08, 2008

New Sample App: Groovy, Grails, GlassFish and MySQL


This is not just YAPS (Yet Another Pet Store); this one is Groovy! :-) Carol has written a sample of the now famous Pet Store (check out the Wikipedia Entry) but this time it uses Groovy, Grails, MySQL Server and the GlassFish Server.

Carol's writeup has full details. Other TA entries on the topic are tagged Groovy or Grails, including the announcement about Grails in the UpdateCenter.

Tuesday Jun 24, 2008

Grails Plugins in GlassFish UpdateCenter 2 and UpdateCenter 3


With all the turmoil around JavaOne I missed the two Grails plugins from Martin. Today I was testing the UpdateTool, saw them, and poked around to find the announcements.

Read Martin's notes on the Plugin for v2 and the Plugin for v3. Fire DIR/updatecenter/bin/updatetool (GFv2) or DIR/updatetool/bin/updatetool (GFv3), and install it out.

Tuesday Jun 03, 2008

GlassFish v3 JavaOne Scripting demo revealed


Arun has a blog entry up announcing the availability of the JavaOne '08 "TicTacToe" demo from the glassfish-scripting site. The source code for the Java EE, Rails and Grails applications are all available along with some documentation.

What makes this demo interesting is GlassFish v3's fast startup, dynamic behavior (loading the web container, the JRubyOnRails or the Groovy runtimes on demand), but also how multiple applications written in different languages and frameworks can be hosted in the same environment while sharing things such as a comet context.

Arun and the team are taking feedback on webtier-AT-glassfish.dev.java.net or on the GlassFish WebTier Forum. If this scripting topic is of interest to you, you should probably follow Vivek's blog, the Scripting for GlassFish lead.

Friday Mar 21, 2008

GlassFish and NetBeans Support for Groovy


NetBeans and GlassFish are making good progress with many scripting languages, the latest being Groovy, which is a particularly easy match to the Java infrastructure.

Matthias reports on the new NetBeans 6.1 PlugIn Functionality for Groovy, which includes deploying to GF v2. On the runtime-side, we recently reported on improved Grails Support on v3, and you can track our plans at the GF wiki uder GroovyGrailsPlanning.

GF and NB are collaborating with multiple scripting groups including those on Ruby, Python, JavaScript, PHP and Groovy. Stay tuned for more progress as we get closer to JavaOne.

Friday Mar 07, 2008

Kicking the tires of Grails in GlassFish v3

Grails logo

In his latest blog, Vivek (the new Scripting lead for GlassFish) reports his experience deploying a Grails application to GlassFish v3. We want GlassFish to be a great container for all scripting languages, from JRuby on Rails and P/Jython (Django?) to PHP, Grails and others.

With the recent fixes that went into GlassFish v3, a Grails application deploys in about 10 seconds. While v3 is not yet a final release (latest Tech Preview 2 build available here), it is important for us to track multiple web container use-cases such as Grails application deployment.

The technical integration and user experience of using Grails and GlassFish together can probably still be improved. Stay tuned.

Tuesday Feb 05, 2008

Grails 1.0 is Out! And GlassFish and NetBeans Support

Grails Logo

Good news for Grails fans: Grails 1.0 is Now Available and its adoption seems to be increasing: GlassFish is already in the list of Grails Supported Platforms, and Vivek and others are going to continue to improve on that.

On the tools side, Martin and Brian report on early Grails support in NetBeans 6.1 M1 (but some growing pains still) and we had already reported on Grails and Hudson.

Thursday Jan 31, 2008

Hudson Call for IPS Maintainer - And Other News Roundup

Quick roundup on Hudson news:

Hudson Logo

• Kohsuke is looking for an IPS maintainer.
• Hudson and... Grails, JRuby and Cobertura.
• Presentation at FOSDEM - Blog and interview
• Kind words - Hudson Rocks, Hudson Love, More Love (and some gripes).

Friday Jan 26, 2007

Grails on GlassFish

Beans of Coffee

Glen has been playing with Grails but he is also a GlassFish user (check his article on why he switched) and [Grails] 269 was a blocker. That bug has now been fixed and he now reports Success on GlassFish. Glen includes a simple Groovy App: Groogle, a simple Search implemented using Grails (live app, overview, download)

Glen also has kind words for Hudson, which recently added a New Remoting Mechanism.

Added - Alexis pointed out that Groovy 1.0 was released.