Monday Oct 07, 2013

Admin Command Framework Enhancements and Background Command Execution in Glassfish 4

The main focus of the GlassFish 4 release clearly is providing a Java EE 7 implementation that developers can use right away. However, besides Java EE 7 a small number of important changes were included in GlassFish 4. These changes include Admin Console enhancements, background execution support for long running commands, better support for REST/SSE in the administration API, log format changes, domain configuration defaults and better OSGi administration. In a detailed blog post, Bhakti Mehta describes two of these changes - Admin Command Framework enhancements to better support progress notification via SSE and support for executing admin commands in the background. We discussed some of the GlassFish 4 specific features during the JavaOne 2013 GlassFish BOF (slides below).

Martin Mares and Chandra Patel also went through the changes in detail using demos during their JavaOne technical session titled 'GlassFish 4 Overview: What’s Under the Hood?'. The presentation will be available soon on

Friday Jul 06, 2012

Jersey 2 Integrated in GlassFish 4

JAX-RS 2.0 has released Early Draft 3 and Jersey 2 (the implementation of JAX-RS 2.0) released Milestone 5.

Jakub reported that this milestone is now integrated in GlassFish 4 builds. The first integration has basic functionality working and leaves EJB, CDI, and Validation for the coming months.

Jersey 2.0 in GlassFish 4

TOTD #182 explains how to get started with creating a simple Maven-based application, deploying on GlassFish 4, and using the newly introduced Client API to test the REST endpoint.

GlassFish 4 contains Jersey 2 as the JAX-RS implementation. If you want to use Jersey 1.1 functionality, then Martin's blog provide more details on that. All JAX-RS 1.x functionality will be supported using standard APIs anyway. This workaround is only required if Jersey 1.x functionality needs to be accessed.

Here are some pointers to follow

Provide feedback on Jersey 2 to and JAX-RS specification to

Thursday Feb 09, 2012

A status on JAX-RS 2.0. Early Draft.

With the Early Draft of JAX-RS 2.0 review period closed for a little while now, here's Arun's walk through the technology's new and improved features.


The Client API seems to be a very popular feature and one that seems pretty stable at this point. Filters and Handlers is another set of new features enabling interception of requests and responses while Hypermedia, a founding principle for REST, is better supported. JAX-RS 2.0 also offers the ability to validation parameters with BeanValidation, introduces asynchronous processing (returning Future objects on the client side) and finally better connection negotiation. Read all about it here.

JAX-RS has become an important component of the Java EE platform and the cloud theme going forward is only making it even more relevant. Check out this earlier post for Marek's (co Spec Lead on JAX-RS 2.0) take on where the JSR stands.