Wednesday Nov 23, 2011

Geronimo 3 beta - Another Apache project now compatible with Java EE 6

You probably recall the addition of TomEE and WebSphere CE at JavaOne 2011 to the list of certified Java EE 6 products.

This time, Apache Geronimo 3 beta 1 was released with compatibility with the Java EE 6 full platform and is now listed on the Java EE Compatibility Page in both the Web Profile and Full Platform categories.

Not surprisingly, a good number of the components used in this Geronimo release are similar to those used in the TomEE certification.

Apache Geronimo

We now have 11 compatible Java EE 6 configurations to chose from and expecting more soon.

Thursday Oct 28, 2010

From 2 to 8: Java EE 6 App Servers

The new usability features in Java EE 6 (tutorial, specs) and the new Web Profile have created a combination of new demand and easier implementation.

By my count, there are at least 8 Java App Servers that are either JavaEE 6 Compatible or are in their way there.  Below are some key pointers for each offering; as you can see, very good traction.

Currently Java EE 6 Certified

GlassFish 3 (from Oracle)
GlassFish 3 is available in Web Profile and Full versions. 3.0 was released in Dec 2009 and 3.0.1 in June 2010, with releases of the Oracle-branded commercial releases at the same time.

JEUS 7  (from TmaxSoft)
Although this JEUS 7 is still in beta phase, it has already passed the full TCK certification.  A final release is expected by end of 2010

On the Road towards Java EE 6 Certification

Resin 4 (from Caucho)
Caucho is working on a Java EE 6 Web  Profile App Server.  They are very close to a Java EE 6 Web Profile certification.

SIwpas (from MechSoft)
This is a Tomcat 6-based AppServer leveraging ASF's technologies. MechSofts site indicates they are targeting Java EE 6 Web Profile, but they are not (yet?) a Java EE Licensee, so we will see.

JBoss 6 (from RedHat)
The community version, JBoss AS 6 goes final in mid-December; commercial support will wait for RedHat's EAP 6 in Q4CY2011, built on JBoss 7 (JBossWorld 2010).

GlassFish 3.1 (from Oracle)
The follow-up GlassFish 3.1 will be released around end of this calendar year, with full clustering support.

WebLogic Server 11g R2 (from Oracle)
Next release of WebLogic Server will support Java EE 6, both the full specification and the Web Profile.  The current plan is to release in CY 2011.

WebSphere 8 (from IBM)
IBM is working on a full Java EE 6 App Server.  They have been making feature packs available on WAS V7 (e.g. JPA 2.0 pack) but they just announced a full beta of 8, with JavaEE 6 support:

Geronimo 3 (from the Apache Software Foundation)
The Geronimo community is getting ready for a release of Geronimo 3 towards the end of the calendar year and targeting Java EE 6 Web Profile.

Tuesday Dec 11, 2007

JavaWorld Article on "Leading Open Source AppServers"

JavaWorld Logo

JavaWorld has an article entitled JBoss, Geronimo, or Tomcat? Three open source Java application servers compared. It's unfortunate that they did not include GlassFish but Masoud has attempted to address that through his latest blog entry; Check it out!

We probably should write some comparison articles of our own and submit them for publication. Maybe after GFv2 UR1 goes out we will find the time to do it.

Added: Also see the discussion at TheServerSide.COM, and the comparisons at TSS and Wikipedia.

Friday Sep 07, 2007

Evaluating the Java Application Server Jungle -- From Aubiere

JPZ-Log Logo

Julien (at Aubiere) provides an evaluation of the main Open Source AppServers: Apache Geronimo, GlassFish, JBoss and Jonas and his choice is GlassFish. He mentions the usual reasons (documentation, console, RI) but also one that is less common: domains which turn to be very useful for teaching a class.

Julien also mentions jRuby and GlassFish v3 support as additional reasons. Check the details at his Blog entry.

Thursday Aug 02, 2007

Marc Fleury on JBoss, GlassFish, OpenSource... - Nice Interview

Marc Fleury's head shot

News.Com has a nice Interview with Marc Fleury that is worth a read. With my GlassFish hat on, I specially like this quote:

... we were seriously stressed when IBM declared war with Geronimo, and then HP got in the game against us, too. Red Hat and JonAS didn't scare us at all (really - not at all), nor did we worry about Sun's foray into the market. Oddly enough, of that group only Sun has managed to mount serious competition to JBoss.

Marc has a keen understanding of the industry and the whole interview is worth a read.

Tuesday Jun 05, 2007

notd - Geronimo passes JavaEE 5 TCK

Geronimo Logo

Apache Geronimo has passed all the tests in the JavaEE 5 CTS test suite. Geronimo is pursuing two Web Services stacks (report card); these results used CXF. According to the announcement, "the official 2.0 release is anticipated at the end of June / early July", which puts it very close to Eclipse 3.3 (Europa).

Congratulations to the Apache community! Competition and options are good for customers, we welcome Geronimo to the Java EE 5 Compatibility party.

Monday Nov 06, 2006

GlassFish and Geronimo

Geronimo Logo

One of the benefits of using an OpenSource license is to simplify adoption by other F/OSS groups, and, slowly we are getting more customers.

In the case of Geronimo their Report Card shows a plan to use JAXB 2.0 (or 2.1?). Other modules are listed as multiple options, including JSF 1.2, TopLink Essentials, and JSP 2.1 (used by Jetty). The table is probably not up-to-date; for example, check this Thread on JSTL 1.2.