Friday Apr 22, 2011

Updated GlassFish GeoMaps!

Some of you may recall the Geomaps we used to update every month to share the activity of GlassFish users. This map (available from had not been updated for many months because of networking changes in our lab causing the overal long and rather brittle process of generating these maps to be, well, broken. Arun stepped up to the plate and fixed the problem to give us an updated set of recent maps up to March 2011 (see his recent post).

GlassFish GeoMaps
GlassFish GeoMaps

The various maps show the overall activity with cumulative (since 2007) or monthly hits but also unique IP addresses which is an approximation of GlassFish users based on the usage of the admin console. That approximation is an over-count mainly because of DHCP but also a undercount because a fair number of GlassFish installations do not have internet access correctly set, while some users only use development tools, the RESTful admin or asadmin instead of the admin console. In any case, these are \*not\* download numbers but rather active users.

It's always tricky to interpret these charts but you can see that the trend is good and the absolute numbers almost as high as the post-Java EE 6/GlassFish v3 launch. Let's track the results for the upcoming months to see if GlassFish 3.1 helps confirm these.

Sunday Nov 08, 2009

Extra GlassFish News - Nov 8th, 2009

Radio Receiver Icon

This is the first of our weekly news catch-up and covers Nov 1 to Nov 11, 2009. This week the news catch-up is partial; next week I'll create the entry through the week and will try to be more comprehensive.

This week we also cover old news on JRuby and OSGi.

GlassFish and Middleware News

Predicting our Systems Future

From the past: OSGi in GlassFish (triggered by this thread):

From the past: JRuby on GlassFish (triggered by this thread)

Tuesday Aug 11, 2009

GlassFish GeoMaps Has Moved


Our old GeoMap has moved to a new machine and now has a new URL: I need to collect all data and post a new adoption statistics but doing a quick pass on this:

• Total cumulative hits through July: 9,727,283
• Hits in May: 529,449, June: 531,503, July: 532,532
• Total cumulative IPs through July: 740,212
• Distinct IPs in May: 48,666, June: 44,753, July: 44,443

The summer is here; I don't expect an uptick until September - modulo that little thing that is still pending.

Saturday Apr 04, 2009

GeoMaps - Another Month, Another Record...


Paul has updated our Geomap to include data through March 2009 and it is another record month. A first pass at registrations and downloads numbers also look equally good.

Monthly Admin Pings - 555,486 (new record)
Monthly Admin Pings - 50,685 distinct IPs (new record)
Cumulative Admin Pings - 7,587,990 from 628,520 different IPs

More details on the other metrics when I double-check the numbers.

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