Tuesday May 04, 2010

GeoMap - Fast approaching the 1M unique IP mark

The new GeoMap for April 2010 is now available from the usual address: maps.glassfish.org and it shows a small drop over March (which was a record month). Some statistics:

Monthly Admin Pings - 615,139 (+13% y/y)
Monthly Admin Pings - 48,531 distinct IPs (stable y/y)
Cumulative 14,987,314 Admin Pings from 995,443 different IPs

In April we had a number of infrastructure issues preventing downloads for several days. That may (or may not) account for some loss of data.

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Wednesday Apr 21, 2010

Latest GeoMap shows increased GlassFish usage


As a reminder, we maintain a GeoMap at http://maps.glassfish.org which tracks GlassFish usage as reported by the admin console. This tracks approximate usage and not just downloads with DHCP causing over-count while proxies and people using command-line or IDE's causing an under-count. Yet we find it to be a very valuable data both for us to understand the relative growth and for the community to see local adoption.

The infrastructure to create these maps uses a number of steps (parsing logs, running Hadoop jobs, copying results to the production server, ...) is not fully automated and as a result the last few months have seen some delays in producing the maps. I'm happy to report that we're now back on track with some pretty good figures for the month of March 2010 :

Monthly Admin Pings - 693,564 (new record)
Monthly Admin Pings - 51,593 distinct IPs (new record)
Cumulative 14,372,175 Admin Pings from 968,662 different IPs

See live or large map. For a full set of charts, check out this archived image.

Friday Oct 16, 2009

GlassFish GeoMap as JavaFX App


James just posted his slides from Oracle OpenWorld... except that they are a JavaFX app. For most of the prezo the App behaves as slides (<TAB> to move forward) - except for the iconic JavaFX moving clouds - but at one point he switches to a version of our GlassFish GeoMap including zooming (scroll wheel), panning (drag), dot-size calculation and dot aggregation.

Check JAG's blog for an intro (and some platform constraints). Also see live app and screenshot (small, large) and the corresponding original pinkDot (live, large).

I'll add a link to James' keynote when it becomes available (probably here). Thanks to James for App (and the plug for GlassFish!) and to Paul Sterk for the raw geomap data.

Added - James James has factored out the Open Street Map Browser into its own OSMBrowser@Kenai.

Thursday Jul 02, 2009

GlassFish Adoption Report for May '09


I've posted the May 09 GlassFish Adoption Report. Some growth from April 09, but not back to the March 09 peak; probably some seasonal drop, possibly some impact from the Oracle announcement.

The full report includes the usual download data for run-time and tools bundles, a comparison with JBoss downloads, GeoMap, Registration and Update Center.

I expect to post the June report next week.

Wednesday May 13, 2009

GlassFish Adoption Report for Apr '09


I just posted the Apr'09 report on GlassFish Adoption. All indicators are positive but a bit down from March 09; most of the drop seems seasonal (spring break) but there might be some impact from the IBM rumor and the Oracle announcement.

The full report includes the usual download data for run-time bundles, tools(+run-time) bundles (second month for the Eclipse Bundle) and a comparison with JBoss downloads. I also report on data from the GeoMap, Registration and Update Center.

Friday Mar 20, 2009

Record GeoMap Hits and 350K GFv2 Registrations


Paul has updated our Geomap to include data through February 2009. Some statistics:

GF v2 Registrations - 351,130 (260K in Dec 4th, 200K in Sep 25th, 150K in Jul 14th).
  Monthly hits was new high: 493,515; IPs was 2nd high: 45,559 (but Feb has 28d)
GF v3 Prelude Registrations - 74,257.
Admin Pings - 7,031,225 from 596,985 different IPs
Update Center Pings - 117,552 in February (new high); total of 715,579 users.

The usual disclaimer: these metrics have flaws but they all show strong growth.

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Wednesday Dec 03, 2008

260K GlassFish v2 Registrations and other Adoption Indicators


Paul has pushed out a new GeoMap with the data updated through November 2008. We also have updated registration numbers and new Update Center pings. Here is a summary of the numbers:

GFv2 Registrations - 261,506; up from 150K on July 14 and 200K on Sept 25.
GFv3 Prelude Registrations - 17,548
Admin Pings - 5,217,927 hits from 487,897 different IPs
Update Center pings - 113,208 in October, total is 493,193 users

The usual disclaimers about how each of these metrics has a flaw or another, but also the usual comment that all the indicators are pointing the same way: up.

Tuesday Oct 07, 2008

New GF GeoMap, with Adoption Graphs Included


Jamey cranked a new GlassFish Admin GeoMap Mashup (aka "pink dots map"). As a reminder, this counts visits to the Admin console for connected consoles. We track cumulative and monthly numbers for visits and distinct IP addresses. Sep 08 was the best month so far in hits (420,923), and 3rd best in IP addresses (45,318).

The numbers are an undercount (NetBeans users often never use the console, many people just use asadmin), as well as an overcount (dynamic IP allocation leads to multiple IPs for the same installation). I hope we will soon show a ServiceTag-based geomap.

Thursday Sep 25, 2008

GlassFish adoption by numbers - 200K Registrations, 435K IPs, 300K UC UUIDs


As of August '08, we have 4,344,705 cumulative hits, and 435,670 cumulative distinct IP addresses measured by the GlassFish GeoMap. This metric has its limitations, so...

We started providing optional registration late December '07; today we passed the 200K registrations, with over 150K registered distinct users. And, in late March we also started counting UpdateCenter ids; we already have over 300K.

You can see our latest download numbers here, but I'll wait one more week for the September numbers (and hopefully fixed NetBeans numbers) before reporting in more detail on those.

Friday Aug 29, 2008

July 08 GeoMap Available

The GeoMap for July 08 is now available (Snapshot, Live). The map is derived from the IP addresses of GlassFish Server instances fetching content for the admin console.


As of July '08, we have 3,978,558 cumulative hits, and 412,081 cumulative distinct IP addresses.

The map is a good indicator of geographic adoption but it both undercounts (e.g. GFs used through NetBeans often never display the console, requires network connectivity) and overcounts (e.g. multiple visits to the console, multiple IPs through DHCP).

We just posted the July results because the "quick-and-dirty" approach we had been using finally started having scalability problems. Jamey modified the implementation to use Hadoop and we are now back on business.

The August 08 numbers will be out mid next week and I'll do a more complete report then.

Wednesday Jun 25, 2008

Trends in GlassFish Adoption - Indeed Jobs, GeoMap and Google Keyword Searches

Time for an update on a few Adoption Metrics.


The GeoMap now has data up til May 2008. The map now records 3,283,340 separate "Admin Pings" corresponding to 375,828 different IP addresses representing live GlassFish Server instances. Check previous entries for the applicable disclaimers.

Indeed.com is an online job aggregator and provide job trend data. GlassFish jobs are still a small number but they are growing fast, see live and snapshot.

Google continues their traditional Term Search Trend (Live, Snapshot) and also has a new Website Trend. The latter only shows all of Java.Net but also shows common terms searched - more on that later.

Saturday May 10, 2008

New GlassFish GeoMap - 40% Growth in Latin America

Paul pushed out the latest GF Admin GeoMap to reflect data from Feb 07 to May 08. A quick region-by-region comparison shows that the largest increase is in Latin America; Colombia grew more than 100%!

Month-to-month growth for several areas, based on hits:


• US - 18%
• Europe - 28%
• Asia/Pacific - 18%
• Australia - 7%
• Latin America - 40%

Tuesday Mar 04, 2008

New GeoMap for GlassFish - February 08

GeoMap Snapshot

The Feb '08 data has been added into our GF Admin Console GeoMap:

• 303,673 - Pings in Feb '08
• 2,184,074 - Total cumulative pings (Since Feb '07)
• 36,394 - Unique IPs in Feb '08
• 287,098 - Total Unique IPs (Since Feb '07)

We also have the download numbers and they are our best so far; even better than Last Month. I'm composing a longer note with more details that I'll push in a few days; stay tuned.

Wednesday Feb 06, 2008

Latest GlassFish Geomap - Jan 08

Admin-Based GeoMap - Jan08

The latest GlassFish GeoMap based on Admin Console hits is out (Live Map). The graph at the top is the new hits for the month. There is a big jump that is partially due to increased adoption (see below) and partly due to new functionality in the admin console that generates more hits.

The graph at the bottom shows the new IP addresses; the growth is directly attributable to more active users but the absolute numbers are not too meaningful (except for being a strong lower bound). January 2008 is the best month so far, even though the first days in January are still holidays in many countries.

GlassFish v2 U1 has a new Update Center mechanism that gives us a better lower bound; unfortunately, we have not yet pushed the associated GeoMap outside the firewall and the internal server seems down. I'll consult the data and will update this entry tomorrow.

BTW, since several communities inside Sun are using this GeoMap software we are going to open source it so we can all more easily collaborate on it - and other groups can use it too. Stay tuned.

Wednesday Jan 02, 2008

December GlassFish Stats - the Slow month is not that Slow....


December is usually a slow month and this shows in the number of posts at USERS@gf (927, down from 1359); but not in the latest GeoMap (thanks, Jamey), which shows more IP hits (218715 up from 171182) and only slightly fewer IP addresses (34926, down from 36082).

Early indications from registrations (see [1]) suggest good Download Statistics.

As a reference, I checked on USERS@Tomcat and their posts also went down in December but not as much as with GlassFish, which I attribute to the larger percentage of enterprise users in GlassFish, but, we will see...

The data from the Admin console has the usual overcount/undercount problems. Now that the UpdateCenter machinery (see intro blog) is working properly in GFv2UR1 we should be able to get more accurate adoption statistics; I'll report back in a few weeks.