Wednesday Nov 02, 2011

Gartner's Latest Enterprise Application Server Magic Quadrant - Oracle's leadership

The latest Gartner magic quadrant for Enterprise Application Servers is out (dated September 2011) and Oracle is rated Top Leader ahead of IBM on both "Ability to Execute" and "Completeness of Vision".

The Gartner document obviously lists WebLogic Suite, Oracle Coherence, Oracle TopLink, and Oracle Exalogic as contributing to this top spot but also GlassFish which is mentioned multiple times.


Tuesday Dec 16, 2008

Sun OpenSSO Enterprise in Gartner's Magic Quadrant - And on GlassFish v3 Prelude


Gartner recently released the Nov 2008 report on Web Access Management and Sun is now listed in the leader's quadrant (see image). This is good news, both as a recognition of our efforts and also because some customers use the Magic Quadrant to evaluate the viability of some vendors.

Sun's product in this space is OpenSSO 8 Enterprise - the commercial distribution of OpenSSO. The product version runs on GFv2 but it can also be used on GFv3 prelude; just need this small workaround :-) Of course it will be fixed in the final v3.

There's been quite a bit of activity around OpenSSO; other recent news include connectivity to SalesForce, and to SugarCRM, Using simpleSAMLphp, and even a .Net prototype. If you want to track all OpenSSO news, you may want to check SuperPat (Pat Patterson) and Smoking Monkey (Daniel Raskin).

Sunday Nov 18, 2007

Week Highlights - OpenSSO, Gartner, Solaris, OpenMQ...

Where is Waldo

• Adoption News: It just works, China, Gartner
• Web Services: Jersey and REST, Metro and SOAP
• Wanted: UpdateCenter Ideas
• Learning: Intro to OpenMQ, JMS 102, GF Book.
• Tips: Where is my Servlet?
• GlassFish v3 Progress: Maven, Mephisto, GFv3 GEM, Java EE 6
• Other: Solaris and Dell

Wednesday Nov 14, 2007

OpenSSO, Access Manager and Gartner

Gartner Leader Quadrant

Good news for Sun's Access Manager product: Gartner has positioned in its Leader's Quadrant. Check the Press Release and the actual Gartner Report, and the article at Destination CRM

SJS Access Manager is based on the OpenSource OpenSSO project; Full convergence, like between GlassFish and SJSAS, is planned for FAM 8.0.

This is a big milestone and the team is very happy; check SuperPat, IdMBuzz and OpenRoad.