Sunday Jan 27, 2008

Week Highlights - IzPack, LifeRay, JRuby, GAP

A slow week; I was still catching up from the Trip to Orlando.

• GF Community - New IzPack Installer and GreenFire
• HowTo - Combining JMX and Management in GlassFish
• New Portal Bundles - Liferay 4.4.0 and GlassFish
• Community Programs - Grants Program and Registration Page
• Web.Next - GlassFish and Ruby Meetup

Saturday Jan 26, 2008

175K US$ for you! GAP Update

Bunch of Money Banknotes

We are almost ready with the set of rules for the GlassFish Awards Program. There will be some last minute adjustment on Monday but the $US 175K will be split into two: awards for the best Bug Submissions, and awards for Project Contributions.

Check out the Themes and Project Ideas. The shape of the contest has been influenced by constraints on when the money will be available and when it has to be allocated; discussions threads at the Advocacy mailing list.

Unfortunately Sun employees can't apply :-(

Saturday Jan 05, 2008

GlassFish Grants and Awards Program


Now that most people are back from the holiday's break, we need to close on the GlassFish Grants and Awards Program. If you are interested please check the Original TA post, the two posts at Users@GF ([1], [2]), the threads at the Advocacy@GF alias and the Program Page at our Wiki.

The intention is to design as simple a program as possible, possibly borrowing the programs that other communities are using. We will be using the advocacy mailing list for any further announcements.

Wednesday Dec 05, 2007

GlassFish Community and Sun's Community Awards Program


Sun has announced a Community Awards Program. This is going to be a multi-year program and this year it covers six communities:, OpenSPARC, OpenSolaris, OpenJDK, NetBeans and GlassFish.

Each community will define its own program, in particular they can combine awards with grants. The overall guidelines will be described by Simon at his FOSS.IN keynote and we will start working on the GlassFish part of the program in the next few days.