Thursday Jun 23, 2011

Friday Fun - Conference Videos from JavaZone & others

Trailers or promotion videos can be very effective when done right and the Java community has been pretty good at it IMO.

The latest ones are short teasers coming from the JavaBin folks to promote their very fine JavaZone conference in Oslo, Norway in September (celebrating their 10th anniversary). Update: the entire trailer is now available.

Teaser JavaZone X

Previous videos include Lady java and Java 4 Ever (must see if you somehow missed them). The inspiration for these may have come from the JavaPolis (now Devoxx) 2006 "There are better ways to meet your idols" trailer. IIRC, James Gosling was quoted saying "This is sick, I love it!". Your mileage may vary ;)

Sun Microsystems also used to make some "promotion" videos. Here's a selection.

Saturday Oct 30, 2010

WeekEnd Fun - Old Sun Promo Videos

Over the years Sun created a number of fun Promo Videos, usually to be aired during JavaOne. Here are a few of them, for a fun trip down memory lane:

Pure Thoughts!
  My favorite JavaOne video.

The Blue Screen of Death
  Poking fun at Microsoft.

Soccer Star Wants to be the Dot in .COM
   Dot in .COM at the Beach
   Marriage - Ain't the Dot in .COM
   From the .COM era

That Damm Dog
  Java Everywhere

Sun Paper Clip
  From '95; see Pixar's IPO and UltraStation


Friday Oct 09, 2009

Friday Fun - Oracle OpenWorld, The Videos

I've never been at Oracle OpenWorld so I'm very curious about how it feels. In preparation, yesterday I poked around a bit and found several videos that may (or not, we will see) convey a bit the mood... check them out and let me know what you think. If you only have time for one, I recommend the last one.


• Keynote Preview Series: Applications, Virtualization, DataBases, Middleware.
Overdressed at OOW Series: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5] and [6].
OOW 08 Party - they take over Howard Street, like the good J1 days!
• More virtalization and cloud previews: Alex A and Rich Schwerin.
• And last, but not least, Every Build You Break.

The main blog for OpenWorld is Oracle OpenWorld and there will be live streamcasting of multiple events at OpenWorld Live.

Sunday Jul 05, 2009

Hudson on iPhone and Android


Hudson fans no longer have to be envious of POssO (the portable administration console for OpenSSO) or of Zen (the OpenDS variant); now you can also show-off your iPhone through the Hudson Helper for iPhone - see it in action Building Galileo.

Not content with just that, David also ported the Hudson Helper To Android!

Me thinks somebody should do a good JavaFX version... then you could run it in your TV!!

Friday Jan 09, 2009

Friday Fun with FishWorks

Too long since our last Friday Fun... Check this video showing an unconventional experiment performed on an OpenStorage appliance using the Analytics machinery from Fishworks. Geek fun!

Thanks to Jesse for the tip. Check the youTube post for a larger image and this piece from Illuminata's Gordon Haff for some complementary comments of Fishworks and DTrace.

Thursday Dec 18, 2008

No Statisticians were Harmed in Making this Graph - Extrapolating GlassFish Trends


I felt like a break so I took the latest Google Trend on searches on GlassFish, WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss (live, archived) and tried to apply a smooth curve on it. No statisticians were harmed in eye-balling these graphs... but the cross-overs are WebLogic - 2010 and WebSphere and JBoss - 2012.

If a Statistics-savy guys wants to give it a try please let me know what you get :-)

We are in the middle of a substantial upswing on the GF; the world economy "troubles" seem to be accelerating our adoption significantly so I suspect the data will become much clearer in a few months.

Friday Jul 13, 2007

More Fun with Google Trends

Google Trend

Ignacio just posted a note on Stupid Conclusions Using Google Trends that remind me of my earlier Friday Fun with Google Fights...

I added Tomcat for fun and found (live, snapshot) that the only container that is gaining is GlassFish (live, snapshot). But, what does this mean? Maybe Tomcat is really losing ground... or maybe there are just fewer searches?

Anyhow, have a good weekend! :-)

Friday Mar 30, 2007

Friday Fun - Google Fights...

Google Fight GF vs OC4J

Just as Friday Fun, and with all the usual caveats, here are some GoogleFights:

• GlassFish vs OC4J (live, archive)
• GlassFish vs JBoss (live, archive)
• GlassFish vs Geronimo (live, archive)
• GlassFish vs WebSphere (live, archive)
• GlassFish vs WebLogic (live, archive)
• GlassFish vs Tomcat (live, archive)

We beat OC4J easily and squeeze a win against Geronimo but lose against JBoss, WebLogic, WebSphere and Tomcat. The gap with WebLogic and JBoss is less than I was expecting, given how establish those projects are. Overall, not bad for (not yet) a two-year old project.

Friday Feb 03, 2006

Tough Week? Share some fun...

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OK, folks. Share some fun with the rest of us... Contribute your favorite fun links to the comments list. I'll start the list with:

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