Thursday May 29, 2008

Take it for an Early Drive: Fuji Experimental Tooling


Talking a bit more with Andi and Kirill after posting From Russia with Love they pointed me to the OpenESB Wiki page on Dynamic Services Composition describing the experiment. There is also a live sample you can try.

The whole thing is in early experimentation phase; the sample is pure layout, it does nothing yet, but I'm highlighting it here because it might elicit other groups to think of synergies with this effort.

Check it out and give us feedback.

Friday May 23, 2008

From Russia With Love - Fuji ( Tooling in your Browser


Check out this teaser screencast from Kirill on Fuji Tooling. The whole Fuji effort feels right on target. I think the next few months are going to be very interesting as the effort for Fuji and OpenESB ramps up.

BTW, I need to check on Kirill about how modern-day Russians feel about old movies like From Russia With Love, although in this one the bad guys are S.P.E.C.T.R.E.!

Thursday May 22, 2008

Fuji Screencast, and Andi on OSGI


The demo of Fuji showed during JavaOne is now available as a Screencast (narrated by Keith) accompanied by Andi's note on JBI, OSGi and DSL. Check it out!

And, following on the theme of OSGi, also check Andi's note on the Role of OSGi in Fuji.

BTW, I see more references to DSL recently; perhaps they will do a comeback?

Sunday May 18, 2008

OpenESB or Java CAPS ... or Fuji or GlassFish ESB


OpenESB, Java CAPS, Fuji, GlassFish ESB... how do they relate to each other?

Jason takes a crack at the Differences between Java CAPS and OpenESB. As he himself points out, some of the timing details are still settling down and we might add additional support offerings, but at the least we will do what he describes.

OpenESB itself is re-parenting into the overall GlassFish umbrella, with shared principles and increased synergies and Fuji is the core of its next version, exploiting the OSGi modularity. Fuji got a very positive response during JavaOne. We have a few Fuji-related entries piled in the TheAquarium draft list and Andi will be joining TA to cover this area.

GlassFish ESB is the bundling of OpenESB with GlassFish, with support from Sun. describes itself as a "community", but I think the activity is mostly going to happen within the "OpenESB" aliases and forums. We rushed some of the description material for JavaOne but since then I've been in internal follow-ups with the key stakeholders and I think we are all in agreement about this.

Thursday May 08, 2008

GlassFish ESB Formally Launched

GlassFish ESB and OSGi stack

Another GlassFish-related announcement from Sun (PR): the Open ESB collection of projects are being aligned under the GlassFish umbrella.

An evolutionary rather than a revolutionary move as pieces of OpenESB were already included in GF v2, but will encourage further synergies between the groups and artifacts.

Expect bundles of OpenESB components with GF, as well as community and architectural interactions. A good example of the latter is Project Fuji where the ESB components are delivered as OSGi modules running on GlassFish v3.

Check out GlassFish ESB, the earlier TA entry, and Prakah's Introduction to Fuji and GlassFishESB

Saturday May 03, 2008

Introducting Project Fuji - Core for Open ESB v3


More teasers out there... check out Andi's note on Java CAPS and Fuji. Project Fuji will be specially interesting to GlassFish; from the Fuji WebSite:

[A] lightweight micro-kernel based on JBI (JSR 208) and OSGi. Packaged as an OSGi bundle, the micro-kernel can be installed in any OSGi-compliant runtime.

For full details, check out Andi and Keiths' session on Wednesday at 9:30 am: TS-6385 Integration Profile for GlassFish Project v3

Nice Logo, BTW... :-)