Tuesday Aug 30, 2011

Remembering Ken Cavanaugh

Our friend and Sun/Oracle colleague Ken Cavanaugh passed away last Thursday.

Ken was a patient, dedicated and talented engineer and better known to many as Mr. CORBA. He has shared with many of us in the GlassFish team his core values and will be remembered as a distinguished engineer and a true gentleman.

Our condolences go to Ken's wife Linda and son Ian and to all his friends. If you knew Ken or had interacted with him, please consider writing a note. You'll also find the scholarship fund created in his memory here.

Sunday Mar 07, 2010

Remembering Felipe Gaúcho


Our friend Felipe Gaúcho died of a heart attack this last Friday . Felipe was one of the founders of CEJUG, the Ceará JUG, and created the Premio Universitario Java. You probably know Felipe from his active blog where he covered many topics - his last post was just Thursday.

I last saw Felipe during JavaOne - full of enthusiasm as always - and we had exchanged email this Tuesday; we will all miss him sorely. Many other people also had the luck to work with him - see the notes from Hildeberto, PeterP, Claudio and Kevin.

My condolences to Felipe's family. If you knew Felipe, please consider leaving a comment in the CEJUG Notice.