Sunday Dec 02, 2007

Week Highlights: GlassFish in Airports, New SCA, FOSS.IN, OpenDS and more

Tomcat-Users Post Graph

• Community: Closing on Tomcat?, New SCA, Hudson Podcast, GF@FOSS.IN
• Real-Life Stories: GF at the Airport
• GF Know-How: SSL, Provisioning, Seam and Maven
• Experimental: Alternate Mac JVM
• Comet: with IceFaces, with DWR
• SailFin: ATT's ECharts
• OpenESB on JavaSE and JBoss; New OpenDS Build

Sunday Nov 25, 2007

GlassFish at FOSS.IN


Arun is going to be talking about several of the GlassFish projects at at FOSS.IN this next week.

Arun is going to be in the area through the week; he is already giving some presentations at academia and industry sites, but he is interested in additional opportunities so be sure to contact him if you are interested.

See Arun's Full Entry here. Also check the Tagged Entries at Blogs.Sun.Com.

Thursday Nov 23, 2006

FOSS.IN 2006 Starts on Friday - Looks Very Good!


The FOSS.IN 2006 conference starts tomorrow in Bangalore and it looks really good. Check out the Schedule, which includes presentations on GlassFish, Portal, OpenSSO, OpenJDK, OpenSolaris, NetBeans, OpenOffice, Derby and much more.

More perspectives from Sahoo, Sivakumar, Moinak, Joe, Madhu and Pratibha.

I think I need to start planning to attend next year :-)