Tuesday Feb 27, 2007

GlassFish en fran├žais - A dedicated forum on developpez.net

The GlassFish project has its own forums and mailing lists, but often times people feel more confortable using their native language. Developpez.com (a popular website for French-speaking developers) has recently opened a forum dedicated to GlassFish.

First questions cover things such as the difference between GlassFish and the Sun-branded Application Server, GlassFish roadmap, differences with JBoss, JMS limitations, etc...

You'll also find a provocative "Does GlassFish stand a chance?" debate :) The comments are actually very positive and encouraging. My favorite quote is this "I was waiting for another Open Source application server, and clearly found GlassFish instead".

Feel free to comment here if you'd like to see more content in French or in a language other than English. Here's a GlassFish presentation in French from the recent Solution Linux conference in Paris.

Rendez-vous donc chez developpez!