Wednesday Jul 28, 2010

GlassFish at FISL

Alexis and Arun went to FISL11 at Porto Alegre (Wikipedia, GeoMap) and have provided reports including photos; see Alexis' Back from FISL, and Arun's AFISL 2010 Trip Report.

Alexis's slides are available via SlideShare: GlassFish OSGi - from modular runtime to hybrid applications and The future of the GlassFish community.  Arun's presentation was all demos, which he has also made available as a YouTube playlist.

Open Source is very strong in Brazil (see for example this post). As you can see from our GeoMap, GlassFish has a fair amount of adoption, but we need to improve our outreach. If you have suggestions or want to contribute, post them as comments on this entry, or contact us at theaquarium at sun dot com.

Monday Jun 22, 2009

FISL Preview - GlassFish, Hudson, Jersey, OpenSSO, OpenDS and more...


The 10th FISL starts this week. Like previous years, it looks like a lot of fun: the Program is full of good content, and there is also Porto Alegre... FISL starts on the 24th and it is preceded by Javali, an event focused on Java, on the 23rd (Agenda).

I did a quick pass through the FISL program to highlight some sessions, including those related to GlassFish Projects and friends:

• Arun on GF, MySQL and NetBeans (S205) (Arun's note)
• Mauricio on OSGi in GFv3 (S736)
• Ludo will talk about OpenDS (S473) (Ludo's note)
• Fabiane on Hudson (S733)
• Pat on OpenSSO (S360) (Pat's note)
• Fabio Veloso on Jersey (S282)

Other talks related to GlassFish include

• On OpenJDK, Bruno (S734) and Charlie (S226)
• On OpenSolaris Rafael (S600) and Brian (S749)
• On NetBeans et al, Geertjan (S735), and
• On OSS, Simon (S757),

I wish I was there! If you attend FISL or Javali, please report back.