Monday Oct 25, 2010

FishCAT is Back - Now for GlassFish 3.1

We are starting the FishCAT program for GlassFish 3.1.

Last go around FishCAT was extremely useful under the leadership of Judy. Judy is now in a different group at Oracle and no longer can help lead the project for 3.1, but most of the Team Members are still around and Richard and Manfred have graciously offered to lead the 3.1 effort with Sudipa acting as his Oracle contact.

Last week Richard launched the program; more details in the FishCAT for GF 3.1 page and in the Quality mailing list. The plan was to start testing with the infrastructure first and on the GUI later as the features showed up, but b25 is already out there, so all features can be tested.

Go Fish!

Could not resist including a cartoon for The Cat Came Back...:

Saturday Dec 12, 2009

GlassFish v3 Resources and Links - Part 1

This is one of a series of resources and links related to the new GlassFish v3 release. Each entry starts with a section with key links; the resources are then grouped into categories.


Key links
  • Sun Press Releases: Java EE 6 and GlassFish v3
  • JavaEE 6 Web Hub, and JavaEE 6 Downloads
  • Sun GlassFish v3 Product Page

  • See you at Virtual Conference on Dec 15th, and in one of our Community Parties.

Real-Time News
  • Follow GlassFish at Twitter via @glassfish and #glassfish.


Overviews, Appreciation, Analysis

Non-English Posts

Technical Posts (Formatting needs some improvements)

JeanFrancois Putting GlassFish v3 in Production: Essential Surviving Guide
Scott First Look at v3 Performance
Judy GlassFish v3 FishCAT Survey Results
Judy Meet the FishCAT Team
Judy FishCAT Testing for v3.
Prashanth Making your Application monitorable in GlassFish V3
Prashanth Adhoc Monitoring with Scripting-Client in GlassFish v3
Prashanth Advanced Monitoring in GlassFish v3
Prashanth Top Ten features of Monitoring
Byron Mort Learns How To Use Monitoring in a WebApp
Sreeni Monitoring in GlassFih v3 - It's Different and Cool!
Sreeni How to use GlassFish v3 DTrace probes on Solaris
Jen Easy 1-2-3 Monitoring in v3
Jen v3 Monitoring with Admin Console
Lloyd 'mx' - JMX command line especially for GlassFish V3
Lloyd Navigating the GlassFish V3 MBean hierarchy using 'mx' command line
Lloyd GlassFish V3 management and monitoring MBeans, 'mx'
John Enterprise Manager DTrace Monitoring 3.0 Beta (tweet, download)
Anissa Ten New Features in Admin Console
Anissa trivia quizz
Anissa Launching Admin Console for GlassFish v3 RI
Anissa Launching Admin Console for GlassFish v3 RI
Ken P The AJAX Experiment(s) with improving the Admin Console.
Rajeshwar GF REST Interface for Management
Ken S Final EJB 3.1 Specification and GlassFish v3 Now Available
Rajiv Servlet 3.0 specification and GlassFish v3 now available
Ron Java EE 6 and Servlet 3.0 Converge on Container Security Functionality
Binod V3, Java EE 6 and SIP Servlets
SOAP and REST Web Services
Paul GlassFish v3 is a Go - includes
Fabian Runtime Configuration Management
Kumar Summary of Proprietary Features in SAAJ RI 1.3.4
Jagadish Java EE Connector Architecture 1.6 Reference Implementation
Sivakumar Java EE Connector Architecture 1.6 Specification approved!
Alexis Interview of Roberto Chinnici (podcast)
Alexis Interview of Ludo Champenois
Alexis JSF 2.0 discussion with Ed Burns and Roger Kitain (podcast)
Dynamic Languages
Vivek New GF Gem Features (tweet, History.txt@RubyForge).
Eileen JRuby Performance on Glassfish V3 -- Part 1
Sreeni Java EE 6 Samples for GlassFish Project
Tim App Client Container features in GlassFish v3
Shalini JDBC in GlassFish v3
Hong Glassfish v3 and deployment

Wednesday Dec 09, 2009

GlassFish v3 is Now Available!

Note I have split the resources and news links off from this GlassFish v3 Announcement into the first of one of a series of resources and links entries. The new arrangement is more manageable and also simplifies the creation of additional entries as more resources and news are posted on the release.

It has been 4 and a half years since we announced GlassFish during JavaOne 2005 (PR) and today we are making available our most important release: GlassFish v3 is now available for download!

Our first release was during JavaOne 2006, we released GlassFish v1, the first Java EE 5 compliant App Server (family overview) and the second generation of GlassFish came out in September 2007 (family overview). While still based on JavaEE 5, GFv2 leveraged on Sun's (too) long history of App Servers to add the benefits of an enterprise product (quality, performance, scalability) to those of an open source community (agility, ease of use, supportive teams, pricing).

While the transition between GlassFish v1 and v2 was evolutionary, the transition from v2 to v3 is a major change that includes a whole new set of JCP specifications, JavaEE 6, and a new modular, OSGi-based, architecture that expands significantly the applicability of GlassFish.


Key links available now:

• GlassFish v3 Main Product Page
JavaEE 6 Hub
• JavaEE 6 Downloads (multiple bundles)
Java EE 6 Feature Article (also see Overview White Paper).

We are hosting several events in the next few days; we hope to see many of you at our Virtual Conference on Dec 15th, and in one of our Community Parties.

Below are lists of posts relevant to the launch and the release; they will be updated through the day to incorporate news as they happen. Updates will also be posted to @glassfish at Twitter. If you use Twitter we recommend you to use #glassfish to facilitate discovery. Some level of geotagging would help visualize the spread of the community.


Wednesday Nov 25, 2009

Please No Commits on v3 Trunk... and Other Stories of GFv3 FCS


It's been a hard year, but the GlassFish community has kept pushing v3 onward and all the indicators are that the result is very much worth the effort.

The target date for GlassFish v3 is mid-December so the last few weeks have been very busy - check out these MarkMail charts:

DEV - last month was really close to an all-time record.
ISSUES - an easy all-time record.
QUALITY - highest since Sept'08.

Plenty of progress to highlight from there; below are some.

Final Branch:

If you are curious, peek at the hudson dashboard; it has plenty of very interesting jobs, including the nice progress on findbugs.

The FishCAT folks really deserve their own spotlights (soon), but see:

And, from the doc team, final reviews of:

Tuesday Oct 06, 2009

Java Frameworks with GlassFish and NetBeans - GWT, JSF, Grails, Wicket, Struts

I had forgotten how many frameworks are covered in the NetBeans set of quickstart documents; check out the list:


Introduction to Developing Web Applications
Introduction to the Spring Framework
Introduction to the JavaServer Faces Framework
Introduction to the Struts Web Framework
Introduction to the Grails Web Framework
Introduction to the Wicket Web Framework

GlassFish v3 is scheduled to go final at the end of November and the builds are stabilizing quickly. Our test suites are very exhaustive but the only way to be sure that the final artifacts work for you is if you try them in your specific configuration. I was looking through the list and it made me think that FishCAT for GF v3 just completed its first week (See Judy's mail and report) and that team filed more than 20 bugs and more than half have already been fixed. so...

If you use one of the Java Frameworks, or your favorite app or framework, with the latest GF v3 builds and find issues, help us, and the rest of the community, by filing a bug. Thanks!

Tuesday Sep 15, 2009

The FishCAT is Back!


The FishCAT is Back! (with apologies to Dr. Seuss)! Judy has announced the Launch of the FishCAT Program for GlassFish v3, building on the success of the GFv3 Prelude Program (also see the 100 members achievement).

We are in the final stretch for GFv3 (roadmap); if you are interested in helping with the quality of this critical release for GlassFish, check Judy's Post, and the FishCAT home and Wiki pages and contact Judy through the Quality Alias.

Sunday Jul 26, 2009

What comes after NetCAT? NetFIX and NetDEV!


The NetBeans Community Acceptance Team (NetCAT) was created to facilitate wide community participation in validating the quality of the NetBeans distributions. The same principles are now being applied to two new areas: Bug Fixing and New Development

The new programs are NetFIX (mailing list) and NetDEV (mailing list). In both cases the principle is to encourage participation through a support group and some direct help from more experienced developers.

NetCAT has been very successful and we applied it to GlassFish via FishCAT (Wiki, entries@TA) In the past we had explored ideas like "adopt-a-bug" and "starter bugs" for GlassFish; perhaps the NetFIX and NetDEV ideas would be applicable too.

Check the project websites and also see Toni's post for more details.

Wednesday Nov 19, 2008

The FishCATs...


The Quality Team started the FishCAT program for the GFv3 Prelude release and it has worked very well - 36 members from 18 different countries, filing 125 reports plus much feedback. To celebrate the launch of v3 Prelude, Judy has posted a Thank-You, as well as the series of entries where she introduces key members of the team, starting with Adam (blog, photo), Sebastien (blog, photo) and Kirstian (blog, photo),

I'm sure the FishCAT program will be repeated for v3 FCS and we will announce it when it happens. In the meantime, all the members continue to be engaged in GlassFish; for example, Adam is Ready to use GFv3 in production as soon as there is an EJB container ready...

Friday Sep 19, 2008

Great Job, FishCAT!


The GlassFish Quality Community is doing an outstanding job! Check out the MarkMail Archive: 506 posts in August and 492 in September already.

Part of reason is the GFv3 Prelude release but the bulk is just community focus. Check out the FishCAT reports ([1], [2], [3]) and the Community Meeting Minutes.

Wednesday Sep 10, 2008

FishCAT Reports


The GlassFish Quality Community is hard at working getting ready for next month's release of GlassFish v3 Prelude. Their meetings are all public - check the Meeting Minutes - and so are the meetings of the FishCat Team. Overall, the activity in the Quality mailing list is growing very fast - check out the MarkMail Archive.

Maybe we can invite the team to report on the experience to the wider community; perhaps in our GlassFish Webinar Series? But after we ship GF v3 Prelude!

Wednesday Aug 20, 2008

... Rails 2.2, Arun on JSF Apps, OpenOffice and OpenESB, FishCAT turns 30!, Adobe and JavaFX

A compilation of today's news of interest:

Radio Receiver Icon

Arun points out that Rails 2.2 is going to be multi-threaded. That's very good, specially in the context of a JRuby implementation - no need to do magical pooling of instances and the such!

And, talking about Arun, his latest TOTD entry (#42!) is a Hello World using JSF. Good to see Arun helping there; the JSF 2.0 spec includes a lot of interesting new features and we are going to need help to provide examples on how to use them!

Sebastien writes about how to his OpenESB application uses the OpenOffice Java API to Include MS Office Conversion in his application.

Judy reports that there are now 30 FishCAT members around the world that will help improve the quality of the GlassFIsh Server. All of them are non-Sun employees; I count 16 countries at the Quality Portal Home Page.

The JavaFX team provides an introduction to the Project Nile, which provides a mechanism to incorporate Adobe graphical assets into JavaFX; check out the Screencast by Jeff Hoffman and the Tutorial Document.

Friday Aug 01, 2008

Introducing FishCAT - Community Acceptance Testing Program for GlassFish


The GlassFish Quality group is expanding its community outreach and just started a new Community Acceptance Testing Program for the GlassFish Server (FishCAT). The program is inspired by NetBean's NetCAT program.

Please consider participating. Details are at the FishCAT Home Page and in the FishCAT FAQ. Also check out Judy's Announcements for details on how to apply to be in the team - the deadline is August 15th.

All this is getting ready for the GlassFish v3 release; more details imminent.