Sunday Apr 24, 2011

FindBugs applied to GlassFish

One of the great things about being a Java developer is the ability to use static analysis tool like FindBugs. Since there is really no reason not to use it, the GlassFish team started using FindBugs a little while back via Hudson and recently reached zero high priority errors in the main source repository. You can check the current status by visiting this page.

FindBugs Logo

The nightly builds will actually fail if the high priority bug count does not remain at zero. We've now also started checking more workspaces and have a goal for GlassFish 3.2 to reduce all remaining errors by 1/3rd (details). If an engineer considers the report to be a false positive or a low priority to fix, the person to convince is Bill Shannon. It may be easier to fix the problem than to convince Bill...

At the risk of stating the obvious, let me leave you with a couple of assertions:
• static analysis doesn't depend on having good test cases and is not a replacement for testing
• developers can run FindBugs before checkin. But they don't.

Sunday Sep 20, 2009

Towards GlassFish v3 fcs - FindBugs Push...


As we get closer to GlassFish v3 FCS, the development is moving into cleanup stage - and with high volume, see the DEV alias. Part of the cleanup is the usual bug fixing, part is an Increased Testing via FishCAT and part is general code quality cleanup via tools like FindBugs.

FindBugs is particularly useful because it helps to find new bugs and prevents future bugs. FindBugs is integrated into the development cycle through a Hudson job; see High Priority FindBugs. The FindBugs cleanup phase started recently (see FindBugs thread), but the Trend Chart shows the progress.

Sunday Nov 25, 2007

Hudson Coffee Mug, Book, Eclipse Plugin, Groovy, Python, and many happy users

I have not done a spotlight on Hudson in a while and there is a lot to mention, so this note is full of links:

Hudson Coffee Mug

• Goodies: New Eclipse Plugin, FindBugs, Start/Stop Scripts
• Goodies, 2: Sventon, Python, Groovy
• Adoption: New Chapter, testimonials in Spanish, French, Japan and elsewhere
• Kind words: Hudson Rules! and This is good stuff. Check it out!
• Kind words, 2: SDTimes Editor and Informal Poll
• Getting Ready for SailFin: Blog, Live Report Page
• Getting Ready for GlassFish v3: Port Allocator

And, if you want to show (off?) your support, go visit the CafePress Store

Tuesday Oct 02, 2007

Hudson Update - Perforce and VMWare Plugins, and More Happy Users

More Hudson Plugins and Adopters.

Perforce ogo

New plugins include those for Perforce, ClearCase, Cobertura, FindBugs, Task Scanner and VMWare; all delivered by the Hudson community - check Kohsuke's notes here and here.

New public instances seen at OpenDS, OCTO Technology, OpenJFX, SourceLabs and Amazon Fresh. And reports from happy customers include Gertjaan,, and Ed Gibbs.

Kohsuke, you guys need to put together a Hudson T-shirt! CafePress makes it very easy to set up; the per-unit price is not the best, but it works very well for one-offs. See GlassFish or Angry Build Cop.

Saturday Aug 04, 2007

The Power of a Good Plug-In Design - More Hudson Plugins: FindBugs, Google Calendar and SCP

Photo of a PowerSquid

Still more Hudson plug-ins:

•  FindBugs plugin from Hafner Ullrich,
•  scp plugin from Ramil Israfilov,
•  and a Google Calendar plugin from Arnaud Lacour, unfortunately not yet available.

Read about it at Kohsuke's blog and download them at the Hudson Download Site.

Friday Aug 03, 2007

Free Chat on FindBugs for GlassFish Developers - Tue, Aug 7th

Buggy - the FindBugs mascot

This next Tuesday, Aug 7th, Bill Pugh will be giving a presentation on FindBugs (see earlier TA entries). Bill will also discuss JSR 305 (Annotations for Software Defect Detection), which he leads.

The seminar is open for participation to any developer in the GlassFish community; check out the Announcement for details.

Thursday Jan 26, 2006

FindBugs - Find the little critters

The log for finding the first computer bug: a Moth

FindBugs is a most excellent program that finds bugs in Java programs by looking for bug patterns. Aditya used it in GlassFish and writes about Finding Bugs made easy.

Once you remove the bugs you will want to be sure they don't creep back in (as with lint) and the best arrangement is to use FindBugs in your IDE. There already was a Plugin for Eclipse and Roumen just reports that Sven Reimers has released a PlugIn for NetBeans. Seems like a real winner - check it out!