Thursday May 07, 2009

OpenSSO Fedlet Wins 'Best Innovation Award'


The OpenSSO Fedlet has received an Awards at the European Identity Conference for (providing) a lean solution for the Identity Federation. Some more details in SuperPat's writeup, including an interview with Pat.

Congratulations to the OpenSSO team and thanks to Jacki and Dan for the tips.

Friday Aug 08, 2008

OpenSSO Early Access Review Launched

The OpenSSO Project is soliciting feedback on their Early Access Build -- OpenSSO Express Build 5. With the release of this build, community members now have the opportunity to participate in the Early Access (EA) program for Sun's next commercial offering. Review the Early Access documentation and hammer away at Express Build 5! Send your EA feedback to so we can make the product perfect. Thanks in advance!

Friday May 02, 2008

OpenSSO Fedlet Roundup


As I mentioned on my blog yesterday, if you're following OpenSSO at all, you can't have failed to notice the recent chat around the Fedlet, a nifty mechanism for federation-enabling web applications. Briefly, the 'Fedlet' is a package that a SAML 2.0 identity provider can create to quickly federation-enable a small service provider. If you're trying to federation-enable a single web application, you need the Fedlet.

Here is the buzz:

Watch the FEDLET Now! REALLY! - Daniel Raskin
Federation in the diminutive - Eve Maler
The Fedlet has Arrived - Mark Dixon
Latest news on the Fedlet - Mark Herring
OpenSSO の最新ビルドに Fedlet が入ってる - Tatsuo Kudo
Fedlet comes out with a (Head) Bang - Derrick Harcey
How to Efficiently Accomplish Identity Federation With Fedlets - Marina Sum
Finally...The Fedlet has Arrived - Daniel Tse
The Fedlet - Sun Identity Buzz Episode - Michael Coté
The Fedlet: Federated SSO Made Easy - Enrico Bianco

I'll be presenting OpenSSO and the Fedlet at CommunityOne on Monday May 5 2008 at 4pm in Hall E 135. As you must be aware by now, CommunityOne is free of charge to attend, though you do need to register. See you there!