Tuesday Jul 08, 2008

GlassFish User FAQ in japanese

GlassFish Japanese FAQ

The GlassFish User FAQ, an always evolving source of information for GlassFish users, is now available in Japanese courtesy of Tomonori Shioda. This FAQ is a wiki, so please feel free to enhance the English or the Japanese versions!

Work on the Developer FAQ (for people developing GlassFish) is also underway.

Monday Sep 10, 2007

First Version of GlassFish User FAQ

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Gail has started a GlassFish User FAQ and has posted a Contribution Process.

Community members can contribute Qs and As. For example, Andreas contributed How to Configure Log4J and Ryan wrote about Running GF behind Apache.

Read Gail's message for more details. It would be great to see many more entries answered by the time we get GFv2 FCS (next week, we hope). We will adjust the process as it goes; for example, we may want to add comments to validate the answers.