Tuesday Mar 15, 2011

GlassFish 3.1 SOTD #14 - High Availability Demo

In this fourteenth post of the SOTD (Screencast Of The Day) series following the release of GlassFish 3.1, here is Mahesh's High Availability Demo.

This 8-minute video Mahesh introduces the problem domain (replication of stateful data) and how the replication was enhanced compared to the earlier 2.x family of products and also discusses how the GMS (Group Management System) has also been enhanced for better replication and failover.

The follow-up demonstration uses a four-instance cluster (on two machines), show the installation of the load-balancer, the deployment of an application, and exercising the failover after a node has been disappeared from the cluster.

This screencast is hosted on the GlassFish YouTube Channel.