Wednesday Sep 24, 2008

... Facelets in JSF 1.2, Brazil, Passwords in OpenDS, Corba and Grizzly, Using SocialSite, and gPhone

A compilation of today's news of interest (with some lag, as we rush towards GFv3 Prelude):

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Kanthi at OpenDS explains the importance of Password Management in an LDAP server like OpenDS and points to a longer, more technical, description check out the corresponding Page at the OpenDS Wiki

Kohsuke just came back from his 5-city, 7-talk Tour du Brasil. It surely looks like he had a lot of fun there, and reached out to many people. And Arun just arrived there! His first report is from the JUG in Brasilia, but he will stay there through next week, including the first Sun TechDay in Sao Paolo (check out the Schedule).

Facelets is in JSF 2.0 - check out Chapter 10 in the EDR2 - but Arun has a detailed description of How to Use Facelets with JSF 1.2..

Ken (from Corba) is working with the Grizzly folks to try to incorporate the improved ByteBuffer management mechanism. Check out Ken's writeup, and, if you have questions, you can bring them in tomorrow's Webinar on Grizzly/Grizzly2.

From the SocialSite group, first a How to Social Enable screencast, and here is a note on The Shinding Java Internals.

And, finally, the tech news of the yesterday was the long-awaited release of android, the Google Phone. Sampling just few sources: LA Times on G1 vs iPhone, Hands-on video and Comparison Table. And the Google-Phone Blog.

Saturday Aug 30, 2008

... Facelets, OpenSocial and Shindig, Mango, JavaEE Workshop, Mitel and Dtrace

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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Jeffrey reports that the trunk of NetBeans 6.5 now includes Facelets Support. The plan is for JSF 2.0 to include a presentation language evolved from Facelets; see Ed's latest post.

Jamey reports that OpenSocial 0.8.1 is ready and Shindig 1.0 is very close. Good news for SocialSite as it relies on both.

From Adam an announcement of a JavaEE Workshop. Adam says he is writing a book for O'Reilly - will check out with him, but I presume it is based on GlassFish Server.

And a new acronym from Yip-Hin: MANGO, as in My SQL And Netbeans, Glassfish and Open. First time I hear it; cute name, but all I know is this entry.

From Canada news of a partnership between Mitel and Sun that's leveraging VoIP and Sun's thin client technology (SunRays); see Partnership Description.

And The Observatory continues with their series on reasons to use OpenSolaris; number 2 is DTrace.

Sunday Aug 17, 2008

... SVNSearch on GlassFish, NetBeans as a PHP IDE, Facelets now ASL 2.0

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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Eirik provides an Overview and Introduction of SVNSearch.ORG, a browsing/searching tool. He has loaded a number of projects into his repository and shows how to Browse through GlassFish. Other options are Ohloh.Net, Atlassian FishEye and MarkMail. One of the unexpected benefits of GlassFish going Open Source is the ability to use tools that operate on Public code to speed up our developement. The list of tools is unending, starting with Internet search!

Lloyd has written an article at DZone on NetBeans 6.5 as a PHP IDE and Petr shows one of the advantages of this by writting A WordPress Plugin. I think PHP support will expand substantially the adoption of NetBeans; there are a lot of NetBeans users out there.

Matthias mentioned (a month ago, but I just noticed) that Facelets is now under ASL 2.0. Ryan said it was in part to simplify its Adoption into JSF 2.0.

Facelets, Facelets! In the JSF 2.0 Repository ... and NetBeans and Eclipse


Facelets are (almost) here! The Facelets View Definition Framework was designed to complement the JSF technology and will be added to the JSF 2.0 specification - the EDR (Expert Draft Release) actually has a placeholder for them in Chapter 10 (see JSR 314 EDR) and you can check out an earlier definition of Facelets here.

Ryan just pushed the facelets code into the Mojarra (the JSF RI, part of GlassFish) repository - see Commit message (MarkMail Archive, Java.Net Msg) - thanks to Ed for the tip - and we should hear more from that front soon.

Facelets are already supported in NetBeans (Intro to Facelets Tutorial) and hopefully also in Eclipse (in the meantime check out this Note). A couple of other useful pointers are Matthias posts and this DeveloperWorks Article. Also see entries tagged as JSF

Added - Ryan tells me that the plan is to incorporate ideas from both Facelets and JSF Templating into JSF 2.0. I'll highlight the details as they become public.

Wednesday Nov 21, 2007

Hibernate, Facelets and Maven on GlassFish, through NetBeans

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Wouter continues showing how to use Maven and GlassFish, this time he shows how to Combining Hibernate and Facelets with Maven, Netbeans and GlassFish.

Also check these earlier posts by Wouter on GlassFish: Building and Deploying GF Apps using Maven and Invoking EJBs in GF from Tomcat.

Friday Jun 08, 2007

JSFTemplating community brings you Facelets

JSFTemplating is a JSF page and renderer framework which was used to enhance the GlassFish admin console (now present in the current v2 beta builds).

GlassFish Champion Jason Lee who's been an active JSFTemplating developer and an active IRC member has just announced support for Facelets templates. Facelets is a technology that allows you to keep using HTML authoring tools while still using the JSF framework (it does not rely on JSP).

You are encouraged to look at the online demo and provide your feedback

Wednesday Feb 14, 2007

jMaki with Facelets and Portlets!

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The latest release of jMaki, v.8.3.1 includes support for Portlets and Facelets. See Patrice'ss blog on the added value of using jMaki widgets when developing Portlet applications. And thanks to contributions from Norberg Truchesess, jMaki now works with Facelets.

Wednesday Jun 07, 2006

Facelets and GlassFish, revisited

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Ryan reports that the latest version of Facelets now run with the GlassFish JSF implementations, including JSF 1.1_01, JSF 1.1_02, and the latest JSF 1.2. The version of facelets to use is 1.1.8.

BTW, I think facelets should get a logo... :-)

Friday Apr 21, 2006

Facelets and JSF 1.1 RI

First Computer Bugs

We have published a fair number of TA entries on Facelets and, while researching one of them we bumped into this article that claimed that Facelets didn't work with the JSF 1.1 RI (it does with the JSF 1.2 RI, though). Ryan checked it out and he Confirms the Problem.

I expect a resolution pretty soon, and I'll report when that happens.