Friday Jul 20, 2007

Recent Hudson News - Plugins and Lava Lamps...

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The second Hudson Extreme Feedback Device is... a Lava Lamp! :-) As Kohsuke points out (and lava lamp fans know), the shape of the lamp changes over time, so you can tell how long ago your build broke.

On the plugin front, Kohsuke wrote a Gant Plugin and the community delivered 3 more: for Clover (from Stephen Connolly), a Plot Plugin (from Nigel Daley) and one for Visual SourceSafe (from Vara Kumar). Check the details and enjoy!

Thursday Nov 23, 2006

First Extreme Feedback Device for Hudson

Hudson has its first Extreme Feedback Device. Kohsuke has built an orb out from LEDs and a PIC chip and has it connected to his Hudson builds.

Now that he has built one, we need to decide where to place it... Check Kohsuke's blog for complete details, he even offers you the source code and schematics; maybe there are other interesting ideas on variations of this...