Tuesday Jul 31, 2012

Register for GlassFish Community Event and Party - JavaOne 2012

As mentioned earlier, GlassFish Community Event and Party are planned as part of the upcoming JavaOne 2012 Conference.

Some reasons to attend these events ...
  • Meet key members of the Oracle GlassFish Team including Architects, Java EE Spec Leads, and Product Managers.
  • Hear great Customer Testimonials who are using GlassFish for many years
  • Find out the latest product roadmaps before formal start of the conference
  • Help shape the future of GlassFish

NEW This year has also has a new free-form Q&A with an executive panel from the Oracle GlassFish Team. This will be your chance to ask any open questions and have a frank conversation around Java EE, GlassFish, and related technologies.

Both the events are scheduled for Sep 30 and the registration is now open.

Register for the GlassFish Community Event at glassfish-event12.eventbrite.com
Register for the GlassFish Party glassfish-party12.eventbrite.com

Note, a separate JavaOne Registration is required to attend the Community Event. The party is open to everybody and no registration is required. RSVP is required for logistics.

Don't miss out, register early! 

Thursday Nov 10, 2011

OTN Developer Days in the Nordics - Helsinki, Oslo, Stockholm, and Copenhagen

OTN Developers Day are on tour all year long and they are coming to Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark with a "Modern Enterprise Java Development" agenda.

The dates are as follows (events take place in Oracle offices) :

22.11.2011 – Helsinki
23.11.2011 – Oslo
24.11.2011 – Stockholm
25.11.2011 – Copenhagen


This is a free, day-long event covering Java EE 6, GlassFish, WebLogic, TopLink, Coherence, tools and more. See you there!

Tuesday Sep 27, 2011

Last Call: GlassFish Community Event & Party

Quick note that we're having our GlassFish Community Event this coming Sunday (October 2nd) at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

We're accepting a few more RSVP's on the wiki (if you had issues editing the page before, all should now be smooth).


The other event that same day is of course the GlassFish Party at the Thirsty Bear. Registrations are on the same wiki page. See you there!

Friday Sep 09, 2011

Reminder: GlassFish Community Event & Party (Oct. 2th)

Update: Correct date is October 2nd.

Quick reminder that we're hosting our traditional GlassFish community event and Party the day JavaOne starts this year :

    Sunday 2nd, October 2011
    Moscone West - 2020


Other details can be found in the dedicated wiki page. Please add yourself to the list there if you'd like to attend or simply add a comment to this post and we'll add your name.

Beyond the necessary community and roadmap updates we'll also hear from community members Adam Bien, Johan Vos, Laird Nelson, Fabiane Nardon, and Stephan Janssen who will all present on a GlassFish deployment story. And if you're flying in that day and unable to join the event don't miss the party at the Thirsty Bear (7:30pm).

Tuesday Jun 21, 2011

GlassFish Community Event @ JavaOne - Save the date!

The interest for having a GlassFish community event at JavaOne is still very strong both inside Oracle and in the community, so this year again we'll be hosting a get together on the Sunday prior to the main event. If you're in town and attending JavaOne, mark your calendars :
Sunday 2nd, October 2011 - 12:30pm-4:30pm in the Moscone

GlassFish Community Event

This will be an opportunity to discuss the community status (adoption of Java EE 6, GlassFish 3.1.x) and hear about future plans, mainly around Java EE 7 and the related GlassFish release(s). We'd also like to have several participants share their deployment stories as well as some time for an free-form unconference format and some team building activity.

Of course, beyond all the content shared in slides, this should really also be a good excuse to meet folks from the community and from the core GlassFish team at Oracle. Here's a post on last year's event.

And before anybody asks, we are still exploring the party situation :-)
Update: the party is ON!. Details coming soon.

Saturday Apr 30, 2011

More OTN Developer Days

OTN Java Developer Days are continuing to circulate around the world with stops planned in Australia and more virtual events for everyone to follow. If you are in Brisbane or Perth, check out this detailed agenda and registration page.

OTN Dev Days

These two events will cover Java EE 6, introduce the theme for the upcoming Java EE 7, and illustrate both with GlassFish, WebLogic with drill downs on JAX-RS and several monitoring and tuning tooling and techniques. Make sure you register.

If you don't live down under, you may be interested by this JSF OTN Virtual Developer Day. The list of speakers for this live event includes Oracle employees and ACE directors and the agenda covers JSF, ADF and WebCenter in both sessions and labs.

Monday Nov 05, 2007

IJTC is around the corner (Dublin Event)

Radio Receiver Icon

As previously noted the IJTC conference is happening this week in Dublin, Ireland. Simon, Matt, Richard and Steve will be covering many Sun-led open source projects: GlassFish (obviously), OpenJDK, NetBeans, OpenESB, SwingLabs, and Sun SPOTS. Overall, the list of speakers reads like that of the usual suspects (which is a compliment ;-).

GlassFish Session at IJTC (November 8th)

Sunday Oct 28, 2007

GlassFish Day in Beijing - This Week

GlassFish Day @ Beijing

GlassFish is swimming to Beijing this week.

Learn all about GlassFish and meet domain experts on different topics in GlassFish Day on Nov 3, 2007. This event is part of greater Sun Tech Days, China.

Read more details here.

GlassFish at the IJTC event

IJTC logo

This is another chance for you to hear about GlassFish if you're in Europe.

The Irish Java Technology Conference (IJTC) is happening November 7th, 8th, and 9th in Dublin, Ireland. Simon Cook is our man for this task while Steve Elliott will also cover GlassFish, WSIT (né Project Tango) and OpenESB.

Oh, and I hear there will be some cool t-shirts too...

Sunday Sep 23, 2007

Swimming to Italy - GlassFish Day in Milan next week

GlassFish Day Milan

Quick reminder, next GlassFish Day is Wednesday this coming week in Milan. Of course we'll discuss the recent GlassFish v2 release and v3 plans, but we'll also cover Portal, OpenESB, Jersey/JAX-RS, OpenMQ and Metro. This free event is part of the greater Sun TechDays event in Italy [Registration] - Monday/Tuesday in Rome, Wednesday through Friday in Milan.

Arun has already blogged about jMaki and Web Services sessions. There will also be "Java EE , GlassFish and Their Future" presentations in both places. Check the agenda.