Saturday Dec 02, 2006

From #8 to #2 - Ranking of GlassFish-related AppServers for Linux Developers

Evans Data Logo

The Evans Data Corporation produces a number of reports; one of the most recent ones covers FOSS and Linux. This is a fairly recent survey; last year it had a small sample and Sun's AppServer was listed as #8; the sample size this year is quite bigger and the ranking climbed to #2, behind JBoss.

The Linux survey was conducted in February 2006; it will be interesting to see the result next year after we get GlassFish v2 beta out.

Another very popular Evans Data survey is the North American Developer Survey; last year GlassFish and derivatives were #4, we will see how it comes out next year. All these surveys are dependent on the specific population being sampled; check here for some surveys and other adoption indicators reported at TheAquarium