Thursday Jul 23, 2009

Fuji M7 (OpenESB v3) - EIP Support and more


Mark has announced the Availability of Fuji M7. This new release features Many Additions including support for Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP - website, Wikipedia). Supported patterns include: Message Filter, Split, Content-Based Routing, Aggregate and Wire Tap

The Screencasts page does not yet include examples for the new features, but Mark hints that they are on their way. Also see previous entries tagged Fuji

Saturday Jun 20, 2009

Fuji M6 is now Available - POJOs, S3, SSL and other features


Earlier in the week the team for Fuji (advance for OpenESB v3) released their latest Milestone, M6. Mark has a good Overview of the release which includes a good Demo (note - content is not streamed). The Downloads now include an install image for Felix and a bundle with GlassFish v3. New features include Java POJOs, S3, and SSL support.

For more details, refer to Mark's post or go to the M6 home page and the Demos and Screncasts page.

Tuesday Jun 16, 2009

GlassFish ESB v2.1 released


After a few months of development, bug fixing, testing, etc, GlassFish ESB v2.1 is now released. New in this release is that is a lot easier to scale GlassFish ESB through clustering. All components now have support for clustering. By the way, GlassFish ESB clustering is (of course) based on GlassFish clustering.

Also new in this release is the inclusion of the IEP SE and Scheduler BC (a new component!), several component enhancements, and support for AIX 5.3.

More details can be found in the release notes. And GlassFish ESB v2.1 can be downloaded from the OpenESB downloads page!

Wednesday Mar 25, 2009

WebEx Webinar - GlassFish ESB


I forgot to mention that there is a WebEx-based webinar starting at 10am PT (in 1/2 hour) on GlassFish ESB. Presenters are Bruce Tierney and Prabhu Balashanmugam, from the GlassFish ESB team at Sun.

To enroll, follow this link. You will need to give your contact info to get the invitation.

I'm going to try to group all webinar announcements over the weekend to give extra warning time and to avoid colliding with other news.

Update: the webinar is now available for replay.

Thursday Mar 19, 2009

GlassFish ESB v2.1 M1 - Now Available


Most of the products in GlassFish Porfolio (webinar set) use the latest GlassFish v2.1 but a couple are still using the older GF v2. This is now getting fixed for GlassFish ESB: Mark has announced the first Milestone for GlassFish ESB v2.1.

In addition to the new GF Server, the release also includes the IEP SE (Intelligent Event Processor) and the Scheduler BC (see Full list of Components).

Go, download it, and let us know how it goes.

The photo? Its from Mark's Motorcycle Mania series and it somehow seemed appropriate.

Monday Dec 01, 2008

Dec 4th Webinar - OpenESB, GlassFish ESB and Fuji (tentative)


Our next Webinar set is scheduled for this Thursday, Dec 4th, 11:00 am PT, on Open ESB and friends. The speakers will include Frank (OpenESB and GlassFish ESB) and Keith and Kirill (Fuji runtime and tools).

This WebSet will cover significant more details on GlassFish ESB than in last month's short presentation; the Fuji content is new.

Sunday Nov 16, 2008

GlassFish ESB Around the Corner - Release Candidate and New Components Page


The OpenESB team is getting ready for the first GlassFish ESB realease on Dec 5th, 2008. Mark announced that the first Release Candidate is ready; you could go download it now, but the Release Notes are still empty and I expect more posts early next week.

The web site has also improved a lot. Specially important are the improvements to the component page; there are now 43 components and you can search through them by functionality, license, status, type and contributor (thanks to Bill for the tip).

Tuesday Oct 28, 2008

... JSON with Jersey, JSF with NB and GMaps, Comet, GF ESB and Fuji M2, Andy, iPhone and Oprah

A compilation of today's news of interest:

Radio Receiver Icon

Jakub has published a new Enterprise Tip on Jersey showing how to Configure JSON for RESTful Web Services in Jersey 1.0. Jersey is the production-quality, reference implementation of JAX-RS, the JCP standard for RESTful Web Services. JAX-RS is part of Java EE 6, but it can also be used separately. Jersey is part of GFv3 Prelude.

On JSF - first the NetBeans team shows how to Start Developing JSF Applications with the new NetBeans releases, including the forthcoming NB 6.5. Then Arun shows how to use JSF and Google Maps using Gmaps4JSF, Facelets and Mojarra on GlassFish v3 Prelude.

Comet and Atmosphere - JFA recently presented on Atmosphere - his new portable Comet framework - at the Silicon Valley JUG. The slides are Now Available.

GlassFish ESB is getting very close to its first Release Candidate (and GA/FCS release) (Milestone 2 Download) but I just noticed I had not spotlighted Mike's excellent Screencast on GlassFish ESB. Check it out and notice it is a multi-parter - very well done.

While we await GF ESB v2, we are already working on the next generation, which is based on Project Fuji. Fuji Milestone 2 released last week, and here are two additional posts: Nikki on Interceptors in Fuji and Derek on the Proxy bundle.

Andy B is adjusting his time involvement at Sun so he can spend more time with Arista Networks, "one of his startup companies" that is focused on the 10 Gigabit Ethernet switching business. The Original NYTimes Article was followed by a Clarification.

And today's toys includes Google Earth on iPhone, and Oprah endorses Kindle. Of the two, I think Oprah's endorsement will have the largest impact - is the time for the electronic reader finally here?

NB. I am a few days behind in reporting news; I'll try to catch up in the next day or two.

Wednesday Oct 08, 2008

... GlassFish ESB M2, Terracotta with GF Support, EclipseLink in NB, Sparky in Chennai, Wishlists, OpenSSO Experts

A compilation of today's news of interest:

Radio Receiver Icon

GlassFish ESB is getting closer to its release. Bill (the-blogger) leaks that the second Milestone is Available Early, including Data Mashups. Download Now!.

Terracotta 2.7 is out with formal support for GlassFish Server. See the product page, the download page and Alex's post.

John, at NetBeans, has a new demo showing how to Use EclipseLink via JPA on NetBeans 6.5. EclipseLink is included in the GlassFish v3 releases, including the imminent GlassFish v3 Prelude.

Chinmayee, in Chennai (called Madras by the british) reports on a Presentation to Wipro last month. Wipro is one of the top (top 3?) IT companies in India, with over 100K employees. It's great to see increased adoption in India; like Brazil and China, these are rapidly growing markets - the biggest challenge with GlassFish is getting the word out.

Dan is the author of Seam in Action and recently posted about Using Seam with GlassFish. An exchange with GlassFish team folks followed and Dan now has a Wishlist for GlassFish.

Last week was the OpenSSO Ask-the-Experts, and, following that format, they have published the transcript for the session. Thanks to Rajeev for the tip

Sunday Sep 14, 2008

First milestone of GlassFish ESB: a big step for OpenESB

GlassFish ESB logo

The first milestone release of GlassFish ESB is now available. It’s a big step for Project OpenESB: GlassFish ESB is a binary distribution of a subset of OpenESB that will be commercially supported by Sun Microsystems.

Commercial support for an open source project is an important step in its evolution: most companies require commercial support before they will deploy an open source project. That is no different for OpenESB.

OpenESB has seen tremendous growth in the past few years, and with Sun’s commercial support in place, OpenESB will be able to go to the next phase of growth.

As an active and healthy open source community there will always be new innovation and components in various stages of their lifecycle, only components that meet the quality critera and testing as well as the systemic qualities required for a production system are worthy of inclusion in the GlassFish ESB distribution. Obviously other components available in the community will still run on this distribution as well.

Check it out at A getting-started-quickly guide and video are available on that page too, as well as a detailed timeline. The preview form is available now with the final release due in November 2008.

Help us make the product better by trying out the download and giving us feedback on the users mailing list!

Friday Aug 08, 2008

SOA-related projects on


With the advent of the GlassFish-powered OpenESB product, there's been some very interesting activity around SOA on so here's a recap of SOA-related projects on :

OpenESB - the core project, implementing JBI, serving as the foundation to JavaCAPS and leveraging the GlassFish runtime.
Project Mural - Master Data Management community. Get your feet wet with this Hands-On-Lab.
Project Fuji - an experimental project building on GlassFish v3, OSGi, and JBI. Listen to Andi's presentation here.
JBI Components - a collection of JBI components, Binding Components and Business Engines.

And some sister projects :

KeyChain - ESB components for legacy application integration for SPML Provisioning gateway.
OpenMQ - the high-performance JMS implementation that is integrated in both GlassFish and OpenESB.
Metro Web Services - the one-stop-shop for Web Services from WS-I Basic Profile to advanced (secure, reliable, optimized, ...) SOAP web services.
NetBeans. SOA without tools?

Expect a roadmap and vision document in the near future for how these pieces all come together (for those that don't already, that is).

Sunday May 18, 2008

OpenESB or Java CAPS ... or Fuji or GlassFish ESB


OpenESB, Java CAPS, Fuji, GlassFish ESB... how do they relate to each other?

Jason takes a crack at the Differences between Java CAPS and OpenESB. As he himself points out, some of the timing details are still settling down and we might add additional support offerings, but at the least we will do what he describes.

OpenESB itself is re-parenting into the overall GlassFish umbrella, with shared principles and increased synergies and Fuji is the core of its next version, exploiting the OSGi modularity. Fuji got a very positive response during JavaOne. We have a few Fuji-related entries piled in the TheAquarium draft list and Andi will be joining TA to cover this area.

GlassFish ESB is the bundling of OpenESB with GlassFish, with support from Sun. describes itself as a "community", but I think the activity is mostly going to happen within the "OpenESB" aliases and forums. We rushed some of the description material for JavaOne but since then I've been in internal follow-ups with the key stakeholders and I think we are all in agreement about this.

Wednesday Feb 21, 2007

Now's a good time to look into JBI

Ron Ten Hove, JBI spec lead at JavaPolis

One of the many new features for GlassFish v2 is an integrated JBI implementation. Gregg Sporar has done some nice digging on that subject. To get your feet wet, he recommends this resource and the specification's first four chapters.

Since Gregg is a NetBeans evangelist, there's a tooling part of the story. The forthcoming NetBeans Enterprise Pack (version 5.5.1) has new and improved XML and SOA features such as a Service Assembly "casa" editor, graphical WSDL and XSLT editors, and an Intelligent Event Processor.

JBI implementations are listed here, while JBI components and engines are enumerated there. Most of these are Open Source and there are also examples of mix and matching such as this one.

Thursday May 11, 2006

The Java EE 5 SDK is final !!

After a couple of months in beta, the Java EE 5 SDK is now final, you can download it from the new Java EE hub page. On that page you'll also notice a couple of additional downloads :

Alternatively can download the components independently if you know what you're after or are bandwidth challenged.