Tuesday Jun 17, 2008

More news on Ericsson SDS and Netbeans support for SailFin

Sailfin logo

Ericsson Mobility World has posted more information about Service Development Studio (SDS) integration with SailFin (Sun GlassFish Communications Server). A new release of SDS supports SailFin and an extensive tutorial explaining the integration is available here.

On the netbeans front, Vince reports the availability of SIP Application Development Module Suite from the netbeans update center. Newest bits are available in the lib/tools/netbeans directory of the SailFin installation itself.

b37 of SailFin is available now and it contains a number of fixes for performance and longevity. Check previous entries on Sailfin at TheAquarium also.

Sunday Apr 13, 2008

SailFin news - New milestone, Ericsson tooling, new blogger, and more

Sailfin logo

Quite a bit of SailFin activity in the past few days. First of all, we now have Milestone 4, a "feature complete" build which includes call-flow support for SIP calls, session failover and recovery of various SIP artifacts, and more.

Next, Ericsson has posted a "Service Development Studio (SDS) 4.0 Sailfin Installation Instructions" document on their Ericsson Mobility World website (free registration required). The document explains how to Sailfin-enable their Eclipse-based SDS end-to-end IMS developer tool.

There's also a new blogger - Ivo Boger, adding to the list of others Sailfin-related blogs: Sailfin's main blog, Yamini's blog, and Bhavani Shankar's Blog.

Finally, Prasad Subramanian has a fairly detailed "Adding Voice to Java EE With SIP Servlets" article going into the basics of SIP, SIPServlet, JSR 289 annotations, sailfin, all including code and Binod blogs about Locating SIP servers using DNS in SailFin.