Monday Oct 11, 2010

Translations of Today's OpenJDK Announcement

Today's announcement is "A Big Deal" (tm) and several folks are helping translate it to get the word out more widely. Here are the ones our group is doing directly:

English (Eduardo)
Mandarin (Joe Wang, Amy Kang, Stephen Hu)
French (Alexis)
Italian (Fabrizio Gianneschi)
Portuguese (Fabiane)
Spanish (Eduardo)
Japanese (Tatsukuni Inoue)

If you are aware of other translations, please post them as comments and I'll incorporate

The english version will be updated with links real-time; the others will be updated once a day or so.

Saturday Apr 10, 2010

Replays for GlassFish Roadmap Now Available

The replays from our presentation on the GlassFish Roadmap are now available in different formats, including SlideCast (Slides with synchronized audio):

Direct PDF link
• SlideCast English, French, Spanish.
• MP3 direct links English, French, Spanish

I believe Alexis will create some GlassFishPodcast entries for it.

We will provide an update if we make additional languages available.

Monday Oct 16, 2006

Community Translations - JAG's Experiment and GlassFish Wiki

We live in a very diverse world and there is a lot of non-english content and non-english speaker developers, administrators and users. The localization requirements may vary depending on the target audience; for some it may be a hard requirement, for others could be useful, for some redundant. So, two questions...

Map of Language Families

On the developer side James has started an experiment in Community translation experiment for Java SE. I encourage you to consider contributing there and, should we do the same for Java EE?

And, since I have your attention, one of the ideas with the GlassFish Wiki was to localize some (not all) of it. Do you think that will be useful? Want to volunteer? See my earlier blog.

BTW, I tried to get some good links about the use of non-english languages in the internet and I could not find a particulary good link. If you have one, please share it with us.