Monday Oct 06, 2008

XWiki on GlassFish v3


The top 3 Java-Based Wikis out there are (alphabetically) Confluence, Apache JSPwiki and XWiki. I've been using the first two for a bit via and GlassFish Wiki and OpenSolaris.ORG is about to use XWiki ([1], [2], [3])...

Which makes Alexis's posts on XWiki very timely. In these two posts ([1], [2]) Alexis shows how to use the embedded API in GlassFish v3 Prelude to create a 24MB (GFv3) + 40MB (XWiki) download image that will just add one second to the base XWiki startup and has low footprint.

It seems a pretty compelling arrangement. We have already seen it in several Sun-led (OpenSSO, WebSynergy) and non-Sun-led (Liferay, ehCache Server) projects we have mentioned in the past. I expect to see more of them in the future...

Tuesday Sep 09, 2008

... OpenESB tutorials, SWIFT Demonstrator, GlassFish-powered service launching, OpenSSO and v3

Radio Receiver Icon

From Patrice, we now have a Java CAPS 6 / SWIFT Demonstrator initially put together in Benelux and now ready to be shared with requesting customers (VirtualBox images included).

From the other side of the Atlantic, Tom Barrett's Open ESB Tutorials are four detailed documents on getting started, tooling, event processing, and monitoring for OpenESB and Java CAPS release 6. Tom is asking for your feedback.

Johan, a GlassFish pioneer and creator of Dali is reporting on the launch of, an online social music service powered by GlassFish and Dali.

Rajeev shares his work on making OpenSSO Webstart Prototype : QuickSetup. Building on the GlassFish v3 embedded API, this provides OpenSSO users, testers, and demoers a very nice experience.

Saturday Sep 06, 2008

... Quickstart OpenSSO, RailsConf, VirtualBox Support, Sun Storage, and Boomerangs

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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From Rajeev, a report on an OpenSSO WebStart Prototype done through embedding GlassFish v3. Just click and go! A big change from a couple of years ago when installing and starting Sun's Access Manager was such a big task! And, from SuperPat a report on OpenSSO Integration with JIRA, done by Alexey.

From Arun, trip reports on the RailsConf Europe 2008 at Berlin, Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.

The VirtualBox team has been very busy and they have Released VirtualBox 2.0 (Press Release). Check the Changelog and Download it. A change in this release is that, as with the strategy followed by the rest of our Open Source portfolio, VB 2.0 now has enterprise support.

On the Storage side, a Press Release reporting that Sun's market share growth the last quarter grew almost 30% Y-to-Y (top in the industry). And this is w/o the OpenStorage systems getting readied, see ComputerWorld and NYTimes.

And a very warm welcome back to Lew Tucker. Lew was in the original JavaSoft group and we overlapped briefly there. Sun has quite an open door policy to people who left (and bring back fresh experiences from outside). We even have coined a term for them: Boomerangs :-).

Monday Jul 28, 2008

First use of GlassFish embedded - EHCache Server

EHCache logo

Greg Luck, EHCache maintainer and GlassFish community member has been busy in the recent weeks. First, he released EHCache 1.5.0 and soon after came EHCache debugger, but also EHCache Server with a SOAP interface built using Metro (as the WSDL shows).

Greg discusses the rationale behind the SOAP choice on his blog and explains that the server is available as a war archive that can be either deployed in a Java Application Server or simply started using its embedded GlassFish v3 engine. In addition to the SOAP interface, Greg is also working on a RESTful implementation of the EHCache server, this time with Jersey (JAX-RS's reference implementation in the works) under the hood.

EHCache is a popular distributed cache used by many frameworks and applications. Previous EHCache entries on this blog are here.

If you are using or planning to use GlassFish v3 (with or without the embedded mode), feel free to comment here or send us email, we'll happily mention it here.

Friday Jun 27, 2008

GlassFish Embedded - As easy as 2 (files), 3 (lines) and 5 (seconds)


Adam Bien has turned to be one of the most active advocates for GlassFish. He is very active at his Adam Bien and in presentations everywhere. One of his latest entries explains how to Embed GFv3 for testing purposes. The title summarizes it: "Embedding Glassfish V3 in Unit Test - Two Jars, Three Lines Of Code And Five Seconds Start With Deployment" (link).

The ability to embed GlassFish v3 is going to open many new opportunities for GlassFish. For example, Tom Rose also mentions the ease of use and fast start-up time. If you are embedding GlassFish v3, drop us an email; we are interested.

Friday Jun 13, 2008

More WebApps with Jersey - Now with GlassFish v3 Embedded

GlassFish Inside Logo

Jakub's Building a Jersey WebApp ended with:

mvn tomcat:run

but his New Sample now ends as:

mvn glassfish:run

Jakub's note includes full instructions, sources and annotated run screenshots. Check it out!

Thursday May 22, 2008

Embeding GlassFish - Servlet in Maven


One of the new features in GlassFIsh v3 is that it can be embedded. Kohsuke and Vivek started playing seriously with this for a demo before JavaOne and it got a lot of attention (see embedded blogs @ TA). Now Arun has written a description of how to do this using NetBeans and Maven.

Check out the details at Arun's Note; download GF v3 TP2 and NetBeans and let us know how it goes.

Friday May 02, 2008

GlassFish v3 - Embedded with Grails!


More GlassFish v3 news: Vivek is using the Embeddable GFv3 that Kohsuke had been working to Embed GFv3 with Grails.

I guess this is not really a pre-announcement because it was not planned; people are just playing around doing demos for CommunityOne... -) So come to CommunityOne to check it out.

Added: Also see Kohsuke's Note.


CommunityOne is free but space is limited; register now!

Monday Apr 28, 2008

Embedding GlassFish v3


Moving forward with GlassFish v3 and fresh from Kohsuke's forge: GlassFish v3 just got embeddable. It is pretty neat; a couple of calls and you can start it and deploy and undeploy applications. And very fast too!

It is very early but it is good enough that he can run Hudson on it! Come to CommunityOne and JavaOne and see it in action.