Thursday Sep 17, 2009

Elvis... or Mort? Monitoring and Admin Commands in GlassFish v3


I've been enlightened. A while ago - I just checked, it was actually 2006! - I read Cay's Elvis Meets GlassFish and I thought it was a cute reference to The King. Then yesterday I noticed that Byron's Mort Learns Monitoring and Administration Commands and I thought it was about Terri Prachett's Mort...

Well, turns out I was wrong and they are about Mort, Elvis and Einstein, which are personas for developer classes that were used at Microsoft (we had our own back in DevPro); check out Wesner Moise's note, Nikhil Kothari's explanation and Jeff Atwood's update...

So, now that I've been educated, check Byron's posts for Mort, the opportunistic developer:

Mort Learns JDBC
Mort learns JDBC Realm Authentication,
Mort learns Monitoring and Administration Commands

PS. Does anybody know where "Mort" comes from? The other two are clear, even to a guy that was not born in the US :-)

Monday Apr 17, 2006

Elvis, Meet Portability

Elvis Impersonators

We may need a category just for Elvis Postings... Recently Brian started with Cay's Elvis Meets GlassFish article and Joined Elvis with NetBeans. Now, Brian has expanded on that by showing how the Java standards, and their support in an IDE like NetBeans, provide Portability on JBoss.

Portability is exactly why Java standards are important to the customer, although you may need to pay some attention to be sure no implementation dependencies creep in; you don't want to unwillingly use an Elvis Impersonator!

Wednesday Mar 29, 2006

Elvis Alert : Spotted using NetBeans / EJB3

We've previously highlighted Cay Horstman's exellent tutorial on EJB 3 concepts (Elvis meets GlassFish). Brian Leonard has just added fuel to the Elvis hysteria by implementing the same application in a short tutorial using Netbeans 5.5 Enterprise Preview.