Tuesday Nov 01, 2011

New and old faces on the JCP executive committees

The results for the JCP 2011 Executive Committee (EC) Election are in.

In the SE/EE committee, Ericsson AB, SAP and Intel are all reelected with ratified seats (Intel's last term was as an open-elected member).


Azul Systems and Twitter (which also happen to be the latest additions to OpenJDK) are the two companies filling the open-elected seats. Leaving the SE/EE committee are VMWare and Werner Keil (Werner actually "moved" to the ME committee).

With More than 23% of eligible members casting votes in this election, that's much more than the 11% seen for the 2011 EC Special Election but probably less than what one could hope for.

Full details for this vote (including results for the ME Executive Committee) are disclosed on this JCP page. The complete Executive Committees are listed on this other page (needs update as of this writing).

Wednesday Sep 14, 2011

JSR 348 passes Public Review Ballot & JCP Elections

JSR 348, the "meta" JSR to change the JCP itself is moving forward nicely and has just passed the Review Ballot.


For the SE/EE Executive Community, the results show 14 YES votes, one Abstain (Google) and one non-vote (VMWare). As always, the comments are worth reading and this is probably one of the votes with the most number of comments.

This is just one stage in the JCP process and if you're a bit lost Joe's recent Pictorial View of a JSR Progressing through the JCP would probably come in handy.

In other JCP news, nominations for the fall 2011 EC Elections open on 30 September. The seats up for voting are those of SAP, Ericsson, VMWare (ratified), Intel and Werner Keil (elected). There will be a JavaOne session dedicated to Meet(ing) the Executive Committee Candidates

Sunday May 01, 2011

Reminder: JCP elections are happening now, please vote!

This is a reminder that the JCP Election Ballot is open since earlier this week and will run until May 9th to elect three representatives to the JavaSE/JavaEE executive committee (EC) - two ratified seats (SouJava and Goldman Sachs) and one elected seat. These positions are important given the role of the EC (voting on every JSR).


This page has all the details for this ballot while this other page lists all the candidates (Goldman Sachs' John Weir and SouJava's Bruno Souza for the ratified seats) and the six candidates running for the elected one. That page also has a link to the recent "Meet the JCP Candidates" presentation did by JCP chair Patrick Curran.

If you are a JCP member, please vote!

Thursday Apr 14, 2011

JCP Special election this month

Voting unanimously on the Java EE 7 JSRs was excellent news for the future of the platform but some were quick to point out that the number of voters was not the same as usual. Indeed the SE/EE Executive Committee was missing 3 out of 15 members with the recent resignations of the Apache Foundation, Doug Lea and Tim Peierls (2 ratified seats and one elected seat).

The good news is that elections to replace these departing members have now been scheduled with Bruno Souza representing SouJava and Goldman Sachs as the Oracle ratified candidates.


Nominations for the elected seat started on April 12th and will close on April 25th. The ballot itself will run from April 26th to May 9th and new EC members will take office the next day. All JCP members are obviously encouraged to vote. Note there will also be an open seat in the ME Executive Committee. You may also find Patrick Curran's InfoQ recent interview to be of interest.

Read all the details on this special election from this JCP page.

Monday Jan 24, 2011

SouJava proposed by Oracle for the JCP EC ratified seat

soujava logo

Steve Harris, Senior VP of Application Server Development at Oracle, announced today at this week's IOUC conference that Oracle will nominate SouJava to the JCP Executive Comity with Bruno Souza as the representative.

JCP's chair Patrick Curran has a nice blog entry on the presence of JUG's in the JCP and what it would mean for SouJava and Bruno if elected. Note that the election dates haven't been decided yet.

Today at Oracle Headquarters, Bruno had interesting comments on his motivations.