Tuesday Jul 29, 2008

Embedded EJBs!


One of the uses of an API for an embeddable container is testing, and experience shows this can have a huge impact on the development speed, so I'm very pleased to report progress on this from the JSR 318 EG, led by Ken. The proposed API provides for creation / releasing of the container as in:

EJBContainer ejbC = EJBContainer.createEJBContainer();

Ken's Intro Note also hints at more details from further blogs (a portable global JNDI name, for example), so stay tuned.

More evidence that the EJB 3.1 Expert Group is keeping a very customer-focused perspective on the evolution of the spec. Hats off to them! Also see EJB3 for more EJB 3-related entries.

Thursday Jul 03, 2008

Learning EJB3 - For Beginners and Advanced Users


Here are wwo ways to get into EJB 3.x. For the complete beginner, Adam has a EJB 3.0 in 5 minutes. And for the advanced user, PACKT Books just published Michael Sikora's EJB 3 Developer Guide home page, TOC, Amazon). Both use the GlassFish Server

For a while I thought that EJBs were always going to be - or be perceived as - "too (conceptual) heavy"; maybe EJB 3.1 and EJB3.1 lite will actually change this. More EJB notes at EJB posts at TA

Tuesday Jun 17, 2008

EJB 3 series by Adam Bien

Adam Bien photo

Java Champion, Adam Bien has been running the following series of blogs around EJB 3 in the past few days -
Why I like EJB 3.0 and really like EJB 3.1, ...
Heavy EJBs, lightweight POJOs, ....
What happens, if you start with EJB3.x ...

Adam makes several points around the "lightweightness" of EJB's both at development time and runtime, contrasts the EJB3 approach with similar yet different technologies like Spring or Guice, and takes the upcoming EJB 3.1 improvements into account concluding that EJB's should be considered as no more than "midweight". Overall this three-part set of posts is a very nice read with fact-based opinions.

Adam Bien is an independent consultant and a member of the several JCP Expert Groups (EJB 3.1, Java EE 6, ...) and will be presenting on GlassFish v2 and v3 at Jazoon next week in Zurich, Switzerland.

Monday May 12, 2008

More EJB 3.1 - Now a Web App Example


Cheng has a simple example showing how to use EJB 3.1 EA in a WebApp. This builds on the EJB 3.1 implementation Available at the Update Center for GFv3.

Cheng's Note has all the details, including the sources for all 4 Java files. With the fast startup of GFv3, it just takes a few minutes to go through the example. As always, please send feedback on both implementation and specification.

Tuesday May 06, 2008

Taking EJB 3.1 for a Test Drive - Install it on GlassFish v3


The release of the EJB 3.1 EDR Spec early last month generated good feedback but there is nothing like an implementation to help understand the spec so...

Mahesh and the implementation team have just pushed out an EA of EJB3.1 that installs as a container in the newly available GFv3 TP2. Check out the Features Available and How to Install it. Also see Ken's intro to the plugin.

Check it out and please give us feedback. Enjoy!

Saturday Mar 08, 2008

Patterns for Java EE 5 Project at Java.Net


Adam has been making progress on his Patterns for JavaEE 5 project where he will open source all the projects in his Java EE 5 Architekturen book (in german, sorry!).

Adam is also using the P4J5 project for additional examples/samples. For example, his recent experiment measuring the (Lack of) Performance Penalty Using EJB3 uses EJB3LoadTest and PojoLoadTest. Also see Adam's State of the P4J5 Project writeup.

Friday Nov 09, 2007

Using GlassFish to develop Geronimo

Jacek Laskowski photo

GlassFish can serve different purposes beyond being a complete enterprise open source application server. Based on the fact that it is also the Java EE 5 reference implementation, Geronimo and OpenEJB commiter and long-time NetBeans user, Jacek Laskowski has a nice article putting GlassFish's EJB container to work.

The article explains how to add Maven support to NetBeans 6 and to use it to handle project dependencies, keeping your pom.xml always up to date. Jacek refers twice to the well written EJB FAQ for Java EE 5 clarifications or GlassFish specifics. Jacek has more GlassFish-related articles here (in Polish).

Saturday Jan 27, 2007

Using EJB3 - Lessons from Wotif

Wotif Logo

Robert reports that Wotif has just switched to GlassFish (more on that soon), and this means that Robert will start writing about their experiences with the new Java EE 5 specs. His first blog describes their approach on Interfaces with EJB3; check it out!

Wotif provides cheap last-minute hotel reservations in over 35 countries and it is specially popular in Australia, New Zeland and nearby locales (see this article).

Wednesday Mar 29, 2006

Elvis Alert : Spotted using NetBeans / EJB3

We've previously highlighted Cay Horstman's exellent tutorial on EJB 3 concepts (Elvis meets GlassFish). Brian Leonard has just added fuel to the Elvis hysteria by implementing the same application in a short tutorial using Netbeans 5.5 Enterprise Preview.

Friday Feb 24, 2006

Java EE 5 Learning Resources

If you are new to Java EE (or Java EE 5), there are already plenty of resources for getting up to speed. I'll endeavour to maintain and publish this entry as new resources come online. If you have tried any of these and have feedback; or know of others I have missed; please leave a comment.

Disclaimer, I haven't tested all of these tutorials so I can't vouch for their correctness and if they turn your workstation into a smoldering pile of metal and wire don't blame me, the fish, or my employer.

In no particular order :

Sunday Jan 29, 2006

Using Hibernate and Spring with GlassFish


Just a few days ago Matt Raible said that GlassFish isn't as good as Geronimo or JBoss because it didn't support Spring or Hibernate. That was a challenge for Jerome and in his latest blog he gives detailed instructions on how to run Spring on GlassFish, and also dwells into Hibernate.

Inspired by Jerome, Mr. Vince then dug into the details for the special case of Equinox and GlassFish.

There has been some discussions on the forum about this too along with Sahoo's blog as to when Hibernate and GlassFish work together. Both Ludo and I have blogged that Hibernate works SJSAS 8.1, the code base from which GlassFish started. Currently, Jerome is working with Emanuel Bernard to get EJB 3.0 features working with GlassFish. Bottom line, it can be done but it's not easy, yet. The EJB 3.0 specification and therefore the implementations are still changing so there will be some bumps and challenges until the spec settles down.

Sunday Dec 25, 2005

Hello World from a Web App using EJB 3.0

Hello World in ASCII

Another blog from Vince. This one is a detailed description of how to write a simple hello world web application using EJB 3.0 using NetBeans and GlassFish.

Friday Dec 23, 2005

Using Eclipse and GlassFish to write an EJB 3.0 example

Eclipse Logo

Filippo has a follow-up to his earlier blog on GlassFish. In this one, he uses Eclipse 3.1 and GlassFish to write a simple EJB 3.0 example.

I have many friends in the NetBeans team, but it is good to see uses of Eclipse with GlassFish.