Tuesday Oct 09, 2007

Metro Tools in NetBeans, Eclipse and others


Vivek provides a good summary of tooling options in Metro.

NetBeans 6 provides support for simple Hello World to adding different Quality of Service along with .NET 3.0 interoperability.

Within Eclipse, you can use either of SOAP UI plugin, Ant build script, CLI or Maven-based tools. The last three options are available for use outside the IDE as well.

Let us know if you are interested in writing a Metro plugin for Eclipse.

Saturday Jul 14, 2007

jMaki Support in Eclipse 3.3 Europa

Eclipse Europa

One of the primary ways to technology adoption is making it available on a wide variety of tools.

jMaki enabled web applications can be easily developed and deployed using NetBeans IDE already. This new screencast shows how jMaki plug-in can be installed in Eclipse 3.3. It also shows how the rich set of widgets from different toolkits can be added to a web application using drag-and-drop and deployed on GlassFish, all from within Eclipse.

Let us know if you are interested in developing a jMaki plug-in for IDE of your choice.

Sunday Jul 01, 2007

GlassFish Support in Eclipse 3.3 Europa

Eclipse Europa

Eclipse 3.3 Europa is now final and supports configuring GlassFish V1, V2 and V3 using pluggable adapters for WTP 2.0 which now supports Java EE 5 development. From the GlassFishPlugins project at java.net:

This adapter is Java EE 5 compliant and works with GlassFish V1, V2, V3, and supports all EE 5 features of Eclipse 3.3, and supports Web application directory deployment, and fully integrated debugger.

Read a detailed writeup, with screenshots, from Ludo on how to configure the adapter, deploy a Web application and debug a JSP page on GlassFish V2 - all from within Eclipse Europa. The writeup can also be watched as a screencast and additionally shows how to deploy a JAX-WS based Web service using the Deployment Descriptor-free Web services deployment.

GlassFish and Eclipse relationship can be tracked in Earlier Posts at TheAquarium.

Saturday Jun 16, 2007

IDE Update - New GlassFish Support in NetBeans 6 and Eclipse 3.3

Eclipse 3.3 Container Selection Screen

More news from Ludo, GlassFish's own Mr Tools. Both NetBeans 6.0 and Eclipse 3.3 Europa now have support for GlassFish v2 (and v3). Neither release is final, although Eclipse 3.3 will release at the end of the month, but they are both making very fast progress.

Check out Ludo's writeup for details and screenshots of NetBeans 6 and Eclipse 3.3. You can see more TheAquarium spotlights on Tools here, including GlassFish v2 support in MyEclipse 5.5.

Thursday Jun 14, 2007

MyEclipse 5.5 with Java EE 5 Support (starting with GlassFish v2)

MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench 5.5 was recently announced by Genuitec. It features GlassFish v2 support with Start/Stop/Deploy/Undeploy from within the IDE. It also has exploded deployments and Hot-Sync debugging.

Genuitec was present at GlassFish Day a few weeks back in this partner presentation. There is also a screencast to get a feel of what's being made available. Note that MyEclipse is subscription-based: $30-$50/year/developer.

Wednesday Jun 06, 2007

Debugging Your GlassFish App Via Eclipse

Eclipse Logo

Back in early 2006, Filippo Diotalevi put together a screencast showing how to use Eclipse to debug an application which has been deployed to a GlassFish container. It was a nice piece of work, and we featured it here just a few days after its publication.

Unfortunately, Filippo has reported that a cracker later broke into his Wordpress instance and deleted all of his content (including the screencast). But even sad stories can have happy endings. Filippo has a new tutorial which covers the original content.

And the best part? As the tutorial demonstrates, it's still very easy to attach a debugger to GlassFish.

Friday Jun 01, 2007

GlassFish v3 Plugin for Eclipse 3.3

Screenshot of Eclipse 3.3

GlassFish v3 is moving along faster than I was expecting... Ludo now has a plugin for it for Eclipse 3.3. Startup in one sec; deployment in half a sec. Not bad :-) Ludo promises to post the Plugin code to GlassFishPlugins very soon.

More details in Ludo's blog.

Thursday May 31, 2007

GlassFish v2 and MyEclipse 5.5 and Eclipse 3.3

Eclipse Europa

NetBeans is a good friend but many GlassFish users use Eclipse and Ludo has two good news for them.

MyEclipse has released 5.5 GA which includes support for GlassFish v2. MyEclipse 5.5 is based on Eclipse 3.2; Eclipse 3.3 (Europa) should be out in June and I'd expect a companion MyEclipse release but Ludo is also upgrading his (simpler) Eclipse Plugin.

Check Ludo's blog entry and stay tuned for more details.

Monday Jan 22, 2007

Updated Eclipse plugin for GlassFish v2


The GlassFish Community is growing larger every day as demonstrated by recent collaboration news with BEA and the valuable feedback to the Maven repository of Java EE 5 libraries.

While NetBeans 5.5 is probably the best integrated IDE for GlassFish, support for the Eclipse developers is also important to the GlassFish community and we're glad to see that recent builds of GlassFish v2 are now again usable with Eclipse 3.2.x and WTP 1.5. Make sure you get the Milestone 4 plugin bits here. Install is as easy as unzipping in the Eclipse install directory. As always, help (code, feedback, bug reports) are greatly appreciated.

Monday Oct 23, 2006

More Presentations: FastInfoset, FOSS Communities, JSF, Dynamic Faces, Eclipse, Tubes

Duke - Let's Get Going!

We have added more presentations to the Presentations Page at the GlassFish Wiki, including:

• OpenSource Middleware Communities covered by TheAquarium (prezo)
• FastInfoset Encoding-by-example (prezo)
• JSF and AJAX (prezo)
• Scripting JSF and Phobos (prezo)
• Highlights from Eclipse prezo at JavaOne'06 (prezo)
• Tubes (asynchrony in JAX-WS RI) (prezo)

Monday Sep 18, 2006

Recent JAXB 2.1 News: Features, Fast Infoset, Eclipse Plugin, EA, and more...

Java XML Duke

A news update on JAXB 2.1 (planned for GlassFish V2). On the spec front, Kohsuke has written several blogs on the proposed changes including Specification Highlights, support for Separate Compilation and Use as a DI Container. He has also released the EA1 Implementation available separatedly and at the Maven Rep. The implementation also supports Better Linkage with FI, Better Customization and enables a better JAXB Eclipse Plugin.

For more information check here and here. BTW, note there is also a New Implementation of the current spec. More information at the JAXB home page and and in the JAXB Annoucements.

Monday Aug 07, 2006

MyEclipse Support SJS AS 9.0 (GlassFish)

MyEclipse Logo

MyEclipse 5.0 has been released and it includes support for SJS AS 9.0. This is very welcome and shows the steady adoption of Project GlassFish. In a quick scan I noticed JavaScript and Matisse support (not for Mac OS X - drawbacks of using SWT). The release requires Eclipse 3.2 SDK.

Additional information from the New and Noteworthy and the MyEclipse home page.

Tuesday Jul 11, 2006

Using Eclipse's JDT Compiler in Project GlassFish

Eclipse Logo

Tomcat 5.5 by default uses the Eclipse JDT Compiler instead of the javac from Sun's SDK and one of the requests on Project GlassFish has been to be able to use JDT for JSP compilation. Jan just modified Jasper to accomplish this; read the instructions from Jan's Blog Entry.

BTW, Kin-Man is, separatedly, working on allowing Jasper to use the Mustang standard javac API, which should give substantial performance improvements; stay tuned.

Saturday Jan 07, 2006

Eclipse Plugin for GlassFish

GlassFish Logo
Eclipse Logo

The Eclipse plugin for GlassFish finally went out yesterday; Ludo told me early in the afternoon and I was expecting a blog from him but see Alexis, Ian, and Simon.

From the GlassFishPlugins project at Java.Net:

The GlassFish plugin for the Eclipse IDE version 3.1 is also available. It is be based on the Eclipse Web Tool Platform (WTP) (version 1.0). This plugin also covers server integration for the Sun Application Server 8.1 and 8.2 (J2EE SDK Reference Implementation) servers. For EJB 3.0, Java Persistence APIs and Object Relational Mapping usage with Eclipse, you can try the Eclipse Dali early builds.

You can download the plugin from here, and the Quickstart from here. Also see Carla's blog.

Friday Dec 23, 2005

Using Eclipse and GlassFish to write an EJB 3.0 example

Eclipse Logo

Filippo has a follow-up to his earlier blog on GlassFish. In this one, he uses Eclipse 3.1 and GlassFish to write a simple EJB 3.0 example.

I have many friends in the NetBeans team, but it is good to see uses of Eclipse with GlassFish.