Wednesday Feb 13, 2008

SIP Progress - SIP Stack, eCharts Tools, Applications and Awards Program

SailFin (and GlassFish v2.1) is making good progress towards the features and schedule described in the Current Plan - also see these older TA Entries. The core driver for SailFin is SIP-support; on the infrastructure side, some good recent writeups cover the Load Balancer and the Grizzly-based Stack.


On Tools and Apps - key for the adoption of SIP, see the recent ECharts announcement on Sailfin Support and Klein Peter's 3-part series on SIP Apps with Sailfin: [1], [2] and [3]. Also note that the the GlassFish Awards Program includes the Sailfin projects, so I'd encourage your submissions for that $175K pot!

Added: Also see The Sailfin Blog and the list of NB Tools (thanks to Vince for that tip).