Monday Oct 24, 2011

Being built on OSGi can take you further

Luminis' Paul Bakker has just posted a screencast showing how GlassFish can be provisioned and deployed to Amazon's EC2 with the Apache ACE project.

In this demo Paul takes advantage of the OSGi nature of GlassFish to provision and deploy a Web Archive Bundle (WAB) using JAX-RS as one of the Java EE 6 features offered with the application server.


This page has all the details on OSGi Enterprise support including a link to the OSGi Application Development Guide.

The nice thing about open source is that people take the technology in unexpected/unplanned directions.

Wednesday Jan 19, 2011

Amazon moves into PaaS with Elastic Beanstalk, Java as 1st class citizen


Amazon's EC2 and its sister S3 service have been indisputable leaders in IaaS for a long while now and GlassFish and more generally J2EE/JavaEE took advantage of it starting in 2008 (see here and here), with documented how-to's and significant production references.

Just yesterday, AWS's Evangelist Jeff Barr announced AWS Elastic Beanstalk (main page) which reads to me like Amazon's entry into the PaaS space (with Java!). This new service supports deployment of WAR-packaged Java applications to an infrastructure composed of a Container+Server (Tomcat on EC2) and a load-balancer with Auto Scaling and Notifications features. What seems less clear is the multi-tenancy story, if anything special is done for databases and JDBC connections but also whether containers can form a cluster to offer session high availability (HA).

It's great to see the Java platform as the primary (and for the time being only) target for such a service. Let's hope that support for the full Java EE 6 platform isn't too far out!

Exciting times ahead, the fun is only just starting, stay tuned!

Wednesday May 27, 2009

Hudson Support for EC2, Selenium Grid and Swarms


Kohsuke has been releasing additional Hudson features in preparation for his JavaOne Presentations. The latest additions are a new EC2 Plugin, support for Selenium Grid and the ability to easily enlist a Swarm of Computers to leverage sub-utilized desktops.

The swarm approach seems a good way to leverage the isolation provided by VirtualBox (see last week's Webinar) to convince your co-workers to donate spare cycles.

Sunday Aug 10, 2008

OpenMQ in 512 Node Setup on EC2


Max Gorbunov, from Grid Dynamics has been testing scalability of GridGain Software for a Monte Carlo Simulation on Amazon EC2. Max initially used ActiveMQ but later switched to OpenMQ to address scalability and ease of use stability and robustness issues. The stack showed linear scalability up to 512 nodes.

Check out Max's full report and the Press Release. Also check previous entries tagged as OpenMQ

Monday Jun 02, 2008

Project WebSynergy on Amazon EC2 with OpenSolaris

Amazon Web Services

It's always nice to see others combining various technologies to come up with new and interesting applications. In this case, Natiku has described how to run Project WebSynergy onto the Amazon EC2 Computing Cloud. It runs the OpenSolaris OS. This could easily be farmed out to web startups who want to get a site up and running quickly for very low cost, while retaining the ability to pay more for more CPUs/bandwidth later.

Very cool, very cheap, and very easy!

Thursday May 08, 2008

OpenSolaris (and GlassFish and MySQL) on Amazon EC2


You may have seen Jonathan's note on OpenSolaris, MySQL and GlassFish being available on Amazon EC2.

Details on the OpenSolaris portion are available at the EC2 Blog (Welcome, Launch and New Limits), at Dileep's Blog and at the EC2@Sun and OS@EC2 sites. For MySQL check the MySQL@EC2 site.

I know that Homer worked on the GlassFish AIM AMI but it all happened right before JavaOne and I didn't have time to check more. He told me he is writing a note on it, and I'll spotlight it when it is ready.

And thanks to Charles for some of the Links.