Wednesday Jan 25, 2012 with merged Executive Committee - JSR 355

The latest JSR filed is #355 and it's not a technical one - "JCP Executive Committee Merge". As the name implies this is about merging the current ME and SE/EE executive committees into a unified one.

If you've been following carefully the changes planned for the JCP, the 2-step process turned into a 3-step evolution:
1/ JSR 348, JCP transparency
2/ Merging the two existing Executive Committees
3/ Sorting out the more complicated legal issues


If you're curious about the role of the executive committee members, check out this page on Hint: voting on JSRs is part of it, but there's more. The JSR Review Ballot starts on February 7th.

Tuesday Nov 01, 2011

New and old faces on the JCP executive committees

The results for the JCP 2011 Executive Committee (EC) Election are in.

In the SE/EE committee, Ericsson AB, SAP and Intel are all reelected with ratified seats (Intel's last term was as an open-elected member).


Azul Systems and Twitter (which also happen to be the latest additions to OpenJDK) are the two companies filling the open-elected seats. Leaving the SE/EE committee are VMWare and Werner Keil (Werner actually "moved" to the ME committee).

With More than 23% of eligible members casting votes in this election, that's much more than the 11% seen for the 2011 EC Special Election but probably less than what one could hope for.

Full details for this vote (including results for the ME Executive Committee) are disclosed on this JCP page. The complete Executive Committees are listed on this other page (needs update as of this writing).

Monday Jan 24, 2011

SouJava proposed by Oracle for the JCP EC ratified seat

soujava logo

Steve Harris, Senior VP of Application Server Development at Oracle, announced today at this week's IOUC conference that Oracle will nominate SouJava to the JCP Executive Comity with Bruno Souza as the representative.

JCP's chair Patrick Curran has a nice blog entry on the presence of JUG's in the JCP and what it would mean for SouJava and Bruno if elected. Note that the election dates haven't been decided yet.

Today at Oracle Headquarters, Bruno had interesting comments on his motivations.

Tuesday Oct 26, 2010

Oracle's Comments On JCP EC Nominations

Last week the JCP released the List of Candidates to the JCP Executive Committee. Since then, Oracle has issued a couple of comments and, given the interest in the topic, I'm copying them below.

In a post to the JUG Leaders mailing list, Oracle commented on their choice of Hologic for one of the ratified seats; I'm coping the first paragraph verbatim below; check the full email here.

"There has been quite a lot of discussion over the past week about our JCP EC nomination. We thought we would offer our perspective. We nominated Hologic, as with Credit Suisse earlier, to inject some much needed Java end-user and business perspective into the Executive Committee, as opposed to standards, technologist, technology vendor, and developer community perspectives - all of which are already well represented. Those roles also overlap, as we have well-recognized technologists, like Josh Bloch, who are also representing vendor interests. JCP members may disagree with the need for more end-user perspective on the EC, but we think it's an important view that has been underrepresented to date. Having the perspective of a company whose business depends on Java technology -- not as a technology vendor, but as an informed consumer of Java technology -- is valuable."

Then, in a separate statement, Oracle commented on Doug's absence and Java SE 7 and 8:

"Oracle highly values Doug Lea's contributions to Java and hopes to continue to engage him in the community moving forward. We were disappointed with his decision to not seek another term on the JCP Executive Committee. We believe that the EC is ready to move Java SE 7 and 8 forward, and we will be submitting those specification requests very shortly. With the specification requests for SE 7 and 8 in place, the JCP's normal mechanisms for advancing Java - technical work going on in expert groups, subject to EC approval - will be functioning again. Although we are committed to improving the JCP, we also believe that the JCP is fully capable of supporting vigorous debate and deep involvement and contributions from a variety of individual and corporate participants, and we feel confident that the vast majority of EC members would agree."