Monday May 30, 2011

EclipseLink @ DZone Refcard

The latest DZone cheat sheet covers EclipseLink, the JPA 2.0 reference implementation and GlassFish JPA provider. As often the case, this 6-pager is loaded with useful content.

Eclipse DZone Redcard

From intro (did you know that EclipseLink was the reference implementation for SDO or that EclipseLink ships as a single JAR file?) to Maven, OSGi, Weaving in JavaSE, eclipse-orm.xml, fetch groups, cache configuration and much more, it's amazing how much great stuff Gordon was able to cover in this short document.

Keep an eye on the GlassFish Podcast later this week for an episode featuring a discussion with Doug Clarke on EclipseLink.

Sunday Jul 27, 2008

DZone's Reference Card for NetBeans IDE


Geertjan and Patrick Keegan have published a new DZone Refcard for NetBeans 6.1. The card focuses on the Java IDE side. Check out Geertjan's Note or go directly to the RefCard.

The card is similar to the GlassFish's RefCard we mentioned a few days ago.

Monday Jul 14, 2008

DZone's Reference Card for GlassFish Server


DZone now has a Reference Card for the GlassFish Server. The author is Masoud, an active (non-Sun) participant in the GlassFish community. This is the first RefCard from DZone in the area of AppServers - another indicator of the increased adoption of GlassFish.

To get the RefCard you will need to register at DZone, provide your information and then navigate to the RefCard link. The card itself is 7 pages long; I did a quick skim and it seems to cover the basics with a nice layout.

Thanks to Masoud for the tip.