Thursday Feb 22, 2007

Live Web 2.0 Samples

Sample Web 2.0 Applications @ SDN

The pet store may be the most famous of Sun's sample web applications, but it's certainly not the only one. Sun's Web 2.0 team has put together a collection of live samples covering a slew of web technologies--AJAX, Dojo, RSS, JSP, JSF, Woodstock, jMaki, and more. And, of course, they all run on the GlassFish Application Server.

Try each sample out directly on the web site. Then follow the "learn more" links to get additional information on how each was made and how you can use similar techniques in your own work. As the team says, "We hope you're inspired by these apps, components, and widgets."

Tuesday Feb 20, 2007

AJAX Using JSF Templating and DynaFaces

A storefront with a bunch of guatemalan masks

Ken's JSF Templating project provides a framework for JSF pages and for JSF renderers (overview slides). JSF templating is used in the new GlassFish v2 Admin GUI together with the new Woodstock components and were the topic of a recent User Experience Presentation.

DynaFaces work nicely within JSF Templating to describe AJAX applications quickly and Ken recently wrote about a small Sample App using this approach. Ken's blog uses font colors well to explain the different pieces in a JSF Template. Check it out!

Tuesday Jan 23, 2007

UserExperience: JSFTemplating

Duke for GF V2

We will have the User Experience meeting tomorrow Wed, Jan 24, 2007 at noon (PT). Ken Paulsen will present on JSFTemplating. Please join the meeting and learn how you can use templating with your favorite JavaServerâ„¢ Faces project. JSFTemplating has been used by GlassFish admin console in v2. You may use JSFTemplating with DynamicFaces project to create a perfect Ajax solution tailored to JSF's component architecture! See Ken's blog for more on this.

As a GlassFish community member, you are allowed to dial into the User Experience meeting. Details on how to attend the meeting is at the UE Wiki Page. Please join the discussions and help improve GlassFish!

Saturday Sep 02, 2006

JSF plus AJAX: DynaFaces Early Access Release

Divina Proportione in the Face (by Luca Pacioli)

DynaFaces (Dynamic Faces) is an implementation of the "Avatar" concept that was described by Jacob, Adam and Ed at JavaOne 06 (TS-1161 @ JavaOne Online, Ed's early blog). Briefly, it provides a simple, declarative, JSF-compatible mechanism to describe local, AJAX-based, activity within a JSF page.

Ed just announced the first Early Access Release, available at JSF-Extensions. There are slides on DynaFaces available, as well as online examples varying from simple uses of jMaki to more complex uses of JSF.