Saturday Feb 07, 2009

Latest GlassFish Download Statistics


In Dec '08 we had 175,849 downloads directly through the SDK bundles plus an additional 531,019 through the tool bundles, for a grand total of 706,868. In Jan'09 we had 178,494 SDK d/ls; the tools statistics are not yet available. These are very good numbers as Nov/Dec are usually slow months.

Check here for more details. Related entries are tagged adoption.

Saturday Jan 24, 2009

Where to Look for GlassFish Documentation

Sun provides formal documentation on the GlassFish server but, with all the different versions, it may be hard to find the right document set. Some help is in BigAdmin's recent Locating Application Server Downloads and Documentation which includes a very comprehensive table that covers documentation and downloads - although GFv2.1 is not yet there.


The above article covers the formal docs but there is also a lot of other informal information (blogs, screencasts, webinars, wikis, etc). This information can be hard to discover and navigate we have talked about creating a master entry point; it would work at a kind of a master "Library"... but hopefully less scary than the Silent Library :-)

Friday Oct 10, 2008

How do 14 (Millions) Sound? Status of GlassFish Downloads


We launched GlassFish during JavaOne 2005. Counting since then there have been 13.97 Million (completed) downloads of our AppServer. Or, if counting from GF v1 final, 10.98 Million. Add the 10 days this month and we have crossed the 14 and 11 million marks.

Not bad, not bad at all. If you want to look at the details, check here, enlarge the download graph, or read other See adoption entries.

Monday Sep 08, 2008

... Closest Commands, GlassFish Downloads, Bill-the-Blogger, RFID EveryWhere and First Beam

A compilation of today's news of interest:

Radio Receiver Icon

From Jane, a report that GlassFish v3 now also supports the popular Closest Matching Commands from its predecessor, GFv2.

Up in Castellers I posted preliminary download numbers for GlassFish Server. I regularly get surprised reactions when I point out that GlassFish has many more downloads than JBoss, so, if you are curious, check it out.

A warm welcome to Bill Wilkins to the blogosphere. Bill is the director for SOABI at Sun and, thus, responsible for OpenESB. Check out his first three posts: Establishing OASIESB, Community Collaboration and Growing Our Appeal.

From the Engadget - the land of toys - a report of TikiTag, RFID for the masses, which may even be useful for something besides Tagging cats :-)

And, from CERN, the inventors of the World Wide Web, an invitation to a Live Broadcast of the First Bean of the Large Hadron Collider. See you at the WebCast, if the world does Not End Then!.