Thursday Nov 15, 2007

Metro Web Services and Microsoft plugfest report

Harold's pic

One of the components in GlassFish v2 getting great attention from both developers and architects is the Metro Web Services stack and the Microsoft interoperability it enables, specifically with .Net's 3.0 WCF. With Microsoft moving ahead to .Net 3.5, Metro is also evolving to make sure the interoperability remains first class.

Harold is reporting from the recent plugfest with Microsoft engineers testing the interop level of standard versions of existing Web Services specifications. One such new standard is OASIS WS-ReliableMessaging 1.1 (vs. version 1.0 included in Metro 1.0). Obviously, there are also several security-related standards implementations being tested as explained by Jiandong.

The results are quite encouraging and the Metro version interoperable with .Net 3.5 is scheduled for 2008.
Update: Geertjan has an interview with Harold on this very same topic.