Friday Jul 11, 2008

Slide Show Example using Comet, Dojo and Grizzly


Comet uses either Streaming or Long Polling to Push Events from the server to the client through a protocol like Bayeux.

Carol's A Comet Slideshow Example... shows, through instructions, screenshots and samples, how to do this using dojo on the client (JavaScript) and Grizzly on the Server on the GlassFish Server. Check it out!

Tuesday Oct 24, 2006

Dojo 0.4 Released

Via TheGalaxy, Dojo has just announced that the new version of the javascript toolkit 0.4 is now available for download. Some exciting new features in this release include:

GFX Library - graphic library
Internationalization Infrastructure
•Widget Infrastructure - namespace support, subwidgets
•New Widgets

See the Release Note for more details.

Tuesday Oct 10, 2006

Hands-On Java EE and AJAX

A crowd of people

SDN is doing a series of articles on Hands-On Java EE and they are starting with AJAX. Mark and Rick are planning 4 articles in increasing complexity and so far have published two: the first one deals with Do-it-yourself, where the developer uses JavaScript and DHTML directly, while the second shows how to Use a Toolkit focusing specially on using the Dojo Toolkit, which is what Sun has standarized around.

In a related, longer, article, Mark and Ed provide a fairly complete review of the AJAX Design Strategies covering the two shown in the previous articles (do-it-yourself and client-side toolkit) as well as four others: a server framework like JSF or others, jMaki wrappers, Remote Invocation like DWR, and a pure-java like GWT.

Monday Jul 17, 2006

FREE 10 Week AJAX Programming Course

Sang Shin will be running a FREE 10 week Online AJAX with Java Programming Course starting on August 4th. The course covers the basics and introduces some of the popular AJAX tools, technologies and frameworks including JSON, DWR, Dojo, jMaki, Wicket, GWT and JavaServer Faces - many of which are part of or work with GlassFish There's also a whole Class dedicated to writing good JavaScript.

Wednesday May 17, 2006

AJAX enabling JSF components with Dojo

There's a new tutorial on SDN by Greg Murray and Jennifer Ball describing how to use the Dojo JavaScript toolkit to AJAX-enable JavaServer Faces components. The tutorial starts pretty gently so would probably be a good place to start if you are new to AJAX.

More AJAX articles here.