Monday Apr 02, 2007

Learning one Java EE 5 & GlassFish feature at a time

Enterprise Java Tech Tips

Sun Tech Tips are fairly short but effective articles focused on specific parts of an API. Specifically, Enterprise Java Technologies Tech Tips focus mainly on Java EE 5 and GlassFish features with code snippets for all of them. Java EE 5 Tech Tips are often written by the GlassFish developers themselves. The latest March issue covers Securing WebServices using WSIT and EJB Security Annotations.

Other recent tips covers EJB 3.0 Compatibility and Migration, Introduction to jMaki, Configuring JAX-WS Handlers on the Client, EJB 3.0 Interceptors, Document Handling Using JAX-WS Dispatch and Provider APIs, and more.

You'll find the entire list of Enterprise Tech Tips here.

Saturday Oct 21, 2006

Java EE JavaDocs now at Docs.Java.Sun.Com

Duke Reading in a Comfy Chair

James has added the Java EE 5 documentation to DocWeb, his Social Network experiment in community-driven translation. Some additional navigation mechanisms are likely to show up: there are just too many classes. See James' blog for details. runs on GlassFish. I have started an informal page on GlassFish Deployments at the GlassFish wiki; I'll see if I have time to add a few sites tomorrow, but feel free to add your site directly.