Friday May 20, 2011

GlassFish Security Guide - hardening and more

With the release of GlassFish 3.1, we've added a new volume to the product documentation library - a Security Guide.

This information was previously spread across multiple books and mainly in the Admin Guide.


In addition to the hardening chapter, you'll also find the following topics covered :
Audit Modules
Authentication Realms
WebServices Security
Cluster-related security
Secure Admin
Integration with Oracle Access Manager (OAM)

Keep an eye on for an upcoming GlassFish Security webinar.

Wednesday May 11, 2011

Frozen bits doesn't mean frozen documentation

Shipping a "final" version (GlassFish 3.1 in this case) doesn't mean the documentation needs to be as frozen as the bits.

In fact, a few days ago the team actually put out a new version of the documentation set for GlassFish 3.1 (both Open Source Edition and Oracle GlassFish Server).


These changes include more production deployment use-cases, additions to the Add-On Component Development Guide, enhanced documentation on the recent Coherence*Web integration, a better Upgrade Guide (for standalone and cluster deployments) as well as some Performance Tuning Guide enhancements (both at the application server and JVM level). Paul has all the details.

And truth be told, there is no such thing as brozen bits either as you can see with GlassFish 3.1.1 and its recent integration of Weld 1.1.1.

Wednesday Jan 12, 2011

One more move :


The entire content is being moved to Oracle systems ( before it is eventually shut down. This is another consolidation move to standardize on Oracle practices and systems and remove any duplication.

The content on (DSC) was converted in December to the new format and has now been republished to the new home (Oracle GlassFish Server 3.0.1 documentation is here). The DSC site is scheduled to be shut down and a redirect put in place on January 14th is now operational.

All Sun-originated products have always been well documented and in the case of GlassFish 3.0.1, that's more than 30 different guides, ranging from the Installation Guide to the Application Development Guide or the Troubleshooting Guide.

Complete GlassFish 3.1 documentation will be posted when the product releases next month in PDF format for GlassFish Open Source Edition, and a choice of HTML and PDF for Oracle GlassFish Server. If you're looking for older Application Server-related documentation, check out this landing page.

Tuesday Dec 15, 2009

Javadocs and Tutorial Available at GlassFish Update Center


The GlassFish documentation team has uploaded the javadocs and the tutorial information to the Update Center and it is available through the Update Tool. Paul describes the actions in his note. If you want to check out the screenshots, check out:

  • Updates Detected (img)
  • You will be asked to shut down the server - you can do that w/in the admin console.
  • Then go start the UpdateTool - manually, can't launch (yet?) from the admin console.
  • Select the packages to install (img)
  • Then you will see the Progress Bar of the UT (img)
  • And then you can go point your browser to the Tutorial and the JavaDoc pages that have been laid up in your disk.

Still some work to do to improve the flow of the experience, but this is moving in the right direction.

Attentive readers will notice: (a) There used to be a way to run the update tool within the admin console while the server was running, but that was not safe, so it was removed relatively late in the v3 cycle. (b) The update center repository only has Volume 1 (basics) of the tutorial; we will push Volume 2 there "soon", in the meantime you can get it from here.

Ah! And plenty of documents at, and the javadocs are also available here, thanks to Rajiv.

Wednesday Nov 25, 2009

Please No Commits on v3 Trunk... and Other Stories of GFv3 FCS


It's been a hard year, but the GlassFish community has kept pushing v3 onward and all the indicators are that the result is very much worth the effort.

The target date for GlassFish v3 is mid-December so the last few weeks have been very busy - check out these MarkMail charts:

DEV - last month was really close to an all-time record.
ISSUES - an easy all-time record.
QUALITY - highest since Sept'08.

Plenty of progress to highlight from there; below are some.

Final Branch:

If you are curious, peek at the hudson dashboard; it has plenty of very interesting jobs, including the nice progress on findbugs.

The FishCAT folks really deserve their own spotlights (soon), but see:

And, from the doc team, final reviews of: