Friday Aug 21, 2009

News from the Web Stack: Update Center install and Django

IPS WebStack screencast

Jeff's blog entry on installing Web Stack using IPS (a new feature in 1.5) now has a screencast version (4 min. ogg format, use Firefox 3.5 or VLC 1.0), courtesy of Brian. The GlassFish Web Stack (see recent 1.5 release) uses the same packaging technology as the GlassFish App Server and as OpenSolaris (where the technology initially came from).

IPS, also known as pkg(5), offers a packaging system and tools (both command-line and graphical) to install and manage images. Check the IPS tag for more coverage (mainly applied to GlassFish AS).

Earlier in the week Brian had also posted a detailed entry on how to setup Django using WebStack on Solaris, together with a screencast (also in .ogg format). This one uses the "native" Python implementation and the Apache web server. For details on how to run Django with Jython on GlassFish, visit Vivek's blog which has all the details for you (the GlassFish v3 update center now has a jython container available as an add-on).

Also don't forget that Hudson is now part of the GlassFish Web Stack and thus now a supported product.

Friday Jun 05, 2009

Django on GlassFish v3


Vivek just posted a detailed description of how to Run Django on GFv3. In a nutshell:

• Install GlassFish v3
• Install Jython
• Install Django

To use the admin appplication or DBs you need to install django-jython and do a few more steps. ProstgreSQL is the most commonly used DB w/ Django although, IIRC, IIRC, Frank had indicated in his C1 session that there was work on the others too.

Monday Aug 25, 2008

... Django on Jython on GlassFish, JavaFX performance

A compilation of today's news of interest:

Radio Receiver Icon

From Chris a report on the performance improvements of JavaFX: where JavaFX is close to Java in performance. Big improvements since this Earlier Post. I know the JavaFX compiler team (Robert, Per, Brian) and they are all top notch.

From Leo Soto, the Django Framework now runs on Jython. See Leo's blog entry and the Wiki page for details... and How to Run it on GlassFish. One more scripting language and framework! Jython is moving much faster than I had anticipated; Frank is already Working on Jython 2.5.

Friday Apr 25, 2008

Jython and Django on GlassFish

Django Logo

Further progress on the Jython and Django on GlasFish using WSGI via Modjy. Frank is making good progress (Part I, Part II) and will show the results at C1 (in S297614).

Frank is collaborating with Jim Baker and Leo who have a related Google SoC project. I'm very interested in the outcome of this project; Python has certainly changed since when I looked at it years ago!

PS. Posts for the last few days have been slow due to preparations for J1, C1, et al.. Will do my best to keep with at least highlights, but we will see.