Thursday Oct 15, 2009

JSR 330 Approved - Dependency Injection for Java


The Executive Committee for SE/EE of the JCP has approved JSR 330, Dependency Injection for Java. This specification, led by Bob Lee @ Google and Rod Johnson @ SpringSource was submitted in May 09 and moved through the JCP process very quickly. The final vote result was 14-1-1. Congratulations to the leads and the EG on this important spec.

There are still a few specs left to approve that will go into the umbrella JavaEE 6 JSR. The next major one is probably JSR 299, which was submitted ahead of 330 but was later restructured to leverage it.

Friday Jun 12, 2009

JSR 299 Proposed Final Draft Submitted


The Proposed Final Draft specification for JSR 299 has been submitted to the JCP. See Gavin's Announcement and Overview and/or download the document.

Still unfolding is the relationship between 299, JavaEE 6 and JSR 330; see the comments at Gavin's post for some ideas, and you can also compare the results and comments between the votes for 299 and for 330. I'll post when there is something public to share.

Tuesday Jun 09, 2009

JSR 330 (Dependency Injection for Java) Accepted by the JCP


The JCP EE/ES EC has approved JSR 330 (Dependency Injection for Java). The vote was 14 YES, 1 ABSTAIN (Red Hat) and 1 didn't vote (Nortel). Sun, Ericsson, IBM, Red Hat and Oracle all requested coordination between JSR330 and JSR299 (WebBeans). Check out the Vote Comments for the different positions.

Better late than never, I guess. Everybody (JCP as well as JSR 330 submitters) have committed to transparency, so we will be able to follow-up the evolution of this story. And consider Joining the JCP to influence this and other standards in your platform.